Is it possible to extend deadlines in the Performance Review Cycles?

  • 23 January 2023
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Does anyone know if you can extend a deadline (for self-review and/or manager reviews) in Personio, or does the system not allow for completion after the set deadline?

If it’s the latter (not allowing extension to the set date), what is the best way to move forward to ensure those who missed the deadline can still submit their reviews/forms?

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Hi @Masonic !

The due date that you set for a Performance Review Cycle will not affect the employees’ access to the review, in the case that they have not completed it on time. The due date’s functionality acts more like a trigger for sending email notifications to the employees, to remind them that a review is due on X date. ⬇

You can leave the review cycle open for as long as you need. If the due date passes, you can go into the cycle and view who hasn’t completed the review yet.

If you close the cycle, that is when the employees will no longer be able to access the reviews to complete. The system will not do this automatically - you will have to go into the cycle and click on the Close review cycle button to do this.

Please do let me know if you have any further questions on this topic!

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Dear @Masonic,

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