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  • 13 November 2023
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Is it possible to create a tab within the employee’s profile (or somewhere) to records a history of the performance scores? For instance, I’d like to go back, and review scores my employee received over the course of the last few years without going into each review document.


Can I perhaps change fields in the “hidden tab” of personal information that aren’t being utilized to record score for that years evaluation? Then when it is updated each year it could go to history? Or somewhere that you could run a report of the previous scores?


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Hey @lisaamoroso 

It is unfortunately not possible to create a new tab within the employee profile for the recording of performance scores. At the moment as you mentioned, this needs to be done through the Performance & Development area. You can of course use hidden sections and record the scores in there or alternatively you can use the Notes tab. If you would like reporting on this, then I would advise using the hidden custom section and attributes option

If you have any difficulty in setting this up, please let me know and I can guide further.

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