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  • 23 December 2022
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Hi All,

I have a little issue, regarding Azure AD sync. We have a user witch is created by Personio again and again when deleted in Azure AD, even though we have “corrected” the user to in Personio witch is what we use in our Azure AD.

The problem is that we don´t see any traces of the user in Personio anymore it has already been removed.

How do I get rid of this sync error ?

Best regards and marry christmas 



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3 replies

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Hi @Michaelf,

thanks for reaching out via the community. 

I have double-checked with my colleagues, unfortunately it is not possible to solve this question with a general answer, my colleagues from the support team would need to take a look at your account with you. Could you please therefore open a support request via your account owner? 

It’s probably the best if you link the community post in your ticket and add the name of the person that gets created again and again and is deleted in Azure. :) 


Quite a hassle to only being able to add a support request using the account owner  - don´t really get it :)

But ok, I will try to do that.

Unless you can create a support request ? I mean you can clearly see that we are a customer.

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Hi @Michaelf,

In the Community, we are super happy to assist all our members, regardless if they are an account owner or not. We can answer any request that does not require us to log in to your account to have a closer look. And for this specific question, this would be necessary.
We can see that you are a customer, but I may not have a look inside your account. This is something that only our colleagues from the official support team can jump in.

Only Account Owners / Contract Owners can reach out to support via the Find Answers section - we cannot file a request in the name of other people.

Why is that?

Personio employees are required to provide information and service only to those employees who are listed as Account Owner or Contract Owner. This is for the security of your account and to prevent misuse.

I hope this answers your question!

You are always very welcome to ask questions here in the community and we will be happy assist you 🤗

Happy new year,

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