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  • 18 October 2023
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I have set up training in Personio but the training times are set to the company timezone. When employees from other countries view the training sessions it is not clear that the training is not in their local time as they need to click into each session to see the timezone listed.


I have checked the offices set up and their timezones are set correctly. How can employees see training times in their local time? 




Best answer by International Support Team 19 October 2023, 16:34

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2 replies

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Hey @Volvic 

From what I can see our Support team is looking into this matter for you. From my investigations of previous requests, it seems this might be a Product Limitation at this time in that the timezone that was set up for the training, may be the only one available right now. However, I will kindly ask that you await the response from the agent who is dealing with your case for confirmation. 

Best regards,


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Hey Conor

Yeah Steve in support has been great looking into it.

Wondering if anyone in the community had insight. 


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