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  • 13 January 2022
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As per my knowledge, Personio doesn’t flag in any ways if a candidate applies again or to several positions. It would be very useful if it would - e.g. based on the email address. This way we would more easily stay consistent with the communication towards the candidate. This would make it also easier to companies who have several people working with recruitments.



Solved by Edda van der Ende 2 February 2022, 07:57

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6 replies

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I just noticed this in Personio today, when I wanted to see an application that came in yesterday:

When clicking on “List applications” following appeared: 

So it seems that Personio actually already flags if someone applies again. @Daniele, maybe you can confirm?


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Hello @Edda van der Ende,
Pardon my late reply and Thank you so much for pointing it out! 

I have double-checked this internally and yes, our Product Team confirms that this feature already existed before. I must admit that I was not aware of it myself, otherwise I would have let you know right away. Mea culpa!

How does it work?
In essence, the system gives you a notification as soon as it detects that a person (specifically, a particular e-mail-address) has applied for several positions.

Therefore, I will convert your idea into a question so it is more visible in the Support Area and can help more users.

Warm Greetings,


Glad I found this thread as I’m new to Personio and just giving the whole Recruiting cycle a go for the first time. I have a candidate who has been moved to “Talent Screen” (he applied 5 days ago) and I noticed he has applied again, for the same role and is coming up as “New” (applied today).

The feature you shared hasn’t seemed to have popped up in this instance but I noticed it’s because he used a different email (one @gmail and another @yahoo) which might be why the system has not flagged that it is the same candidate.

Would it be best practice to create a new Rejection reason as “Duplicate Candidate” but not follow through with an e-mail in this instance, since he is already in the process?


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Hi @xtine08, I would probably mention to him in the next email/conversation that “btw, we noticed you have applied twice to us. We will archive the other application as we are processing this one” or similar. 

In my previous company I noticed that some people apply to many positions as they don’t know how big our organization was. Personally I think it’s still good to mention to the candidate that you archive the other application so that he doesn’t wonder what happened to that. :)

And I believe your suggestion of creating “duplicate candidate” as a reason is a very good one.



Hi Personio team,

Unfortunately, the system does not notice if someone apply more than once. On a daily basis, I have applicants who have previously applied for a job that we have closed since then, and then we rejected the applicant. Now the candidate is applying for a new position, but the system does not indicate that he/she has applied for positions in the past. Would be great if we can see when somebody applies again within a half year later.

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