Application vs. Job position responsibles

  • 31 January 2022
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Hey there, 


we are wondering how it can be determined who is in charge of: 

  • job positions
  • applications / applicants

Background: We have quite often changes in who is taking care of which job positions. However, usually the recruiter that has started a process with a candidate will finish it. 


Therefore the question: 

  • at which level is the responsibility tracked: Is a recruiter as soon as he/she has done anything in regard to a particular applicant/application automatically the owner?
  • what happens if a job position is switching responsibilities: does the system somehow keep track who is charge of the position currently vs. the past?

Solved by Marc 1 February 2022, 13:52

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3 replies

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Hi @FriederikeThies,

the responsibles in the recruiting (application/position) does more represent the access rights and notifications an employee does have/receives on the respective area. A history does not appear if you change something here, but the employees will receive/lose the specific rights/notifications.
The responsibles always have to be assigned manually, there is no automatism in it. This is important as the functionality gives also non-recruiters the possibility to get access to applications/job positions without general access to the recruiting module.

You can find some more details on that in following two articles:

I hope I understood your questions correctly, if there is anything open from your side, please let me know!

Best regards





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Hey Marc, 


for the most: yes. Which leads me to a follow-up question: why is there no mechanism to define a true ownership either on job opening or application level? 


It would greatly help if we could analyse better on a per-recruiter level who is taking which paths and to better understand when and for what reason applications are rejected by which recruiter or to calculate how many positions are filled per recruiter. Additionally, it would help the recruiters if they could drill down into certain numbers on their own e.g. time to her/time to fill considerations. 




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Hi @FriederikeThies,

for many of our customer, this processes work out very well, but I understand how you want it to be.
As you know, you can always share your suggestions in the ideation area of the community to get it visible to our Product Team.

Have a great day!

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