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  • 12 August 2021
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I've just started with Personio and in just a few weeks the Career Page and all the different openings that we have is launched at our website. We love the new and easy way of presenting our openings. If you would like to get a quick view, visit our website:

I've a detailed question on the order of the different categories, as is displayed in the career page of Personio. As you can see, at our website, we have 4 categories (in Dutch). I would like to change the order. At this moment all the openings for freelancers is viewed at first, but I would like for everyone to first see the openings for the permanetely employed (vaste medewerker) to be viewed first. Is this possible? If yes, where could I change this in the setting? I could not see an order possibility. 

I hope that someone has the answer!




Solved by Lena 13 August 2021, 17:21

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4 replies

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Hi @Wendy ,

great, that you had a good start and like the usability. :) 

As far as I know the categories are sorted by their created_at date. So for example, if you sort by category, the categories would appear in the order of their creation right now. The other option is to sort by Employment typeDepartmentSubcompany (if enabled) or Office.

All jobs within a section (e.g. Category) are alphabetically ordered.

I hope this helps? :)  In case you wish to order the categories with a different logic, you are welcome to post your idea in the ideation area, so that other users can vote for it, too. Here is an guideline on how to post ideas. 


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Hi @Wendy,
I’m just checking in to see if the answer above was useful for you.

Let us know if you have any more questions about this or if you need help submitting your idea 😊

All the best,

I have the same issue as Wendy - we only publish our job ads by category and would like to have the option to list them as we want (and not just by default alphabetically). 

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Hi @AnaW,
Thank you for submitting your idea.
I will link it below so other people can find it and it can gain more visibility:


Don’t forget to upvote your own idea.
Have a lovely weekend!


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