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  • 16 March 2022
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Hey everyone, 


My issue: I am having a really hard time analysing the recruiting data, since there is no possibility to GET the data for applications and applicants via the API. However, I can also not use the custom report section, since no data about applications is available (checked yesterday with an admin). 

Can someone please show me an option on how to get: 

  • the current state of applications: e.g. ID, dates of creation, acceptance, rejection, reasons for it
  • application + recruiting phase changes

We really need this data in order to get a reliable calculation for the duration of recruiting processes (e.g. time to offer, time to hire, time to fill). The reports Personio is offering are not really reliable, since it is not grouped by the suitable dates. 


Question: how do you get the relevant data for applications from Personio for further analysis?


Solved by Marc 17 March 2022, 16:01

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2 replies

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Hi @FriederikeThies,

have you already tried out the applications export in the recruiting? It contains the information you are asking for.

You can find the export navigating to Recruiting > Applications > Export.

You can find more details in the Helpcenter Article Exporting Application Data.

If there is anything open, I am here to help.

Have a great day!

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Just for any other person having the same issue as me: Personio is only allowing and export of the last 3 months. So in order to get one entire year you will have to create 4 separate CSVs and then add this together. 

Attention: in case you want to ingest these CSVs into a data warehouse, make sure to only open the files with textedit because otherwise your data structure will get broken for sure. Really recomment creating one CSV using the terminal. 

Frustration level: high. 

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