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Is there a way to add a filter in Applications so that I can filter out some of our other business entities applications? For instance we a re a global company. We have offices in US, EU and India. I am not responsible for India’s recruitment and sometimes want to only see US and EU. I do not see a way to filter by location. I can sort, but I’d prefer to filter so that only my responsible application appear.




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Hi @lisaamoroso 👋🏼

Thank you very much for your post!

On the moment, it is not possible to add additional filters in the Application List. Nevertheless, there are two ways to solve this matter.

  1. You can create tags with your subcompanies and add them to the candidate profiles. In the application list, it is possible to filter by tag.
  2. You can export the application list and filter in the Excel file.

Another user has posted this functionality in our ideation area as a feature insight:

You can vote for this idea if you wish, and find further details about the mentioned workarounds in the comments.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this topic!



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Dear @lisaamoroso,

I hope my explanation helped you to solve this inquiry. Please let me know if this was the case by marking the answer as “Best Answer”. If there is any information you are missing, or if you have any further question, please don’t hesitate on getting in touch with me again!

I wish you a lovely afternoon 🌸



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Hi there,

I have the same situation. We have offices in Germany, Croatia and USA. To separate the positions and applications I set up categories for the foreign entities “Jobs in Croatia” or “Jobs in USA”.  The positions for Croatia and the US are under this category. That way I am able to provide access to the categories to the folks who need it. Example, our team in Germany do not see the US positions (unless candidates are reassigned during the recruiting process).   It may not be an ideal solution but it provides some degree of transparency.

I hope this helps you further!  Have a great weekend! 🙂


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Hi @Linda,

Thank you so much for sharing this workaround with us 🤩 🙌🏽. We love seeing this kind of content, since the core purpose of the Community is that users help each other out. I have awarded you with our super badge, Workaround Ninja 🦸🏻‍♀️. Congratulations 🥳!

@lisaamoroso: If Linda’s workaround was helpful for you, please don’t forget to mark her reply as Best Answer 😊.

I wish you both a really nice afternoon.


Andrea 🌻



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Hi Andrea,

Thanks!  Glad to share 🙂  Nvre thought I’d become a Ninja though ….😁


Have a great day! Cheers, Linda

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