From Intern to FTE - Recruiting filled position & new employee profile

  • 20 December 2022
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Good evening everyone, 

Does anyone have an ideal way of handling interns/working students who become full-time employees? 

  • Concerning People Management: What specific steps need to be taken in Personio?
  • Regarding Recruiting: For example, when a position is taken over as an FTE, it is filled without being advertised beforehand. In reports, the position should still appear as "Hired" - what is the best way to handle this in Personio? 

Maybe someone has some good best practice examples or tips. I would be very pleased :)



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Hey @Vanessa Charly !

Great questions!

📍If the intern/student is going full-time with no gap between their employment contracts, then you can simply change their employee attributes, salary, work schedules, etc. in their profile. You would treat it the same as someone going from full-time position to a part-time one.

By doing it like this, you are able to track the changes in their profile or via reporting. Our Custom Reports function is great for that 👌

📍For recruiting, is your concern that you advertised the intern job with part-time hours, but the hired candidate is now going to do the same job as FTE? And you want this to reflect in reporting?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Hey @mruscito

Thank you for your quick answer. 

Regarding point 1: that's good to know - last time I was advised by Support to create a new profile when changing the type of employment. But it's a lot easier that way. 

Regarding point 2: The person was previously employed as a working student and will now take on a new position full-time. However, we have not published or advertised this position, as we have already calculated with an internal “hire”. How do you note an internal filling of a new position so that it also appears as hired in reporting?

Best greetings,


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Hey @Vanessa Charly 

Our Support Team does suggest a new profile if:

➡ The person’s first employment contract has been formally terminated in Personio, using the Terminate employment button ⬇

➡ You plan to register a new hire date for that person, based on their new employment contract

If either idea is not what you are planning to do, then you can keep the same profile and just make the necessary adjustments ✍


As for your recruiting question, I assume that you are using our Recruiting module? If so, I suggest the following:

➡ Create a recruiting channel called Internal Applications. 

➡ Create a job position, but don’t publish it 🚨 Keep it as a draft.

➡ Create an application for each internal applicant interested in X position. Choose the correct recruiting channel for each candidate.

➡ Once a candidate is chosen, go into their application and set them to Hired. If their full name and email address matches their existing employee profile, no duplicate will be created.

➡ Now, you are able to run reports for this type of hire. I suggest trying the Applications report under System Reports, and add filters for Position and Recruiting Channel.

Try it out, and see how you like this solution! If you run into any issues, you can open a support request via Find Answers.


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Hi @Vanessa Charly
I will go ahead and mark this question as “answered” - if you have any further questions, please let us know in a comment! 🤗


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