How to change someone from hired to offer

  • 24 May 2023
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Hi We accidentally hit hire instead of offer for a candidate and now we cannot create an offer. How do we correct this, clearly the candidate has not been hired yet.


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Hey @lisaamoroso 

I understand that your request has been fulfilled through a support request, however I will pass on details of this resolution so that other users can read our response.

As mentioned in our helpcenter article on Hire a candidate without an offer, if a candidate is directly moved to the recruiting phase Hired without an offer, no offers can be created afterwards. The only workaround in this instance would be to create a new duplicated application for the candidate. You may have to remove the email address from the original candidate profile to ensure no errors are shown. Alternatively you could send the offer manually outside of Personio.

If an employee profile has already been created, you have two options:

  • Terminate the employment of the newly created profile (However, this will show in reports that the employee was terminated even though they weren't). If you choose this option, you need to transfer the application documents over to the eventual new profile.
  • Download the application documents and delete the profile. Then if the offer is accepted, create a new profile and import the application documents to their Documents tab.

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