How to close "openings" in a role when a candidate accepts an offer

  • 8 December 2022
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Hey there!

I’m wondering if there is a way to close the openings (see image attached) when a candidate accepts an offer (and it’s on accepted stage)? 

I know that if I archive the position, it closes the opening, but when we have multiple openings on the same position I would like to have the visibility of having the opening filled and the date.


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Hi @nunomeireles,

It is right, you can enter one or more openings for the position. Click on the pencil icon to edit them and enter the required hire date and an additional title or comment for each individual position. Each newly created opening is automatically assigned the status Open.

If the recruiting process results in the opening being filled, you go to the Application, enter the Offer tab, and select Offer accepted, this status changes from Open to Filled.
→ That’s where you are right?
In case you have created several openings, you can then decide which of them you would like to assign the selected candidate to. The filled opening remains in your account for your records, but cannot be filled again. 

Please note that you cannot remove all the vacant openings from a published position. If you did, the status of the position would change to Draft, and it would no longer appear on your Personio career page. In this status, you can no longer receive applications.

Does this information help your case? 


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