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  • 2 April 2024
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Dear Community,

do you maybe know… :-)

I would be curious to find out what is the explanation for having a higher amount of applicants showing on the job ad promoted via LinkedIn compared to the applications actually coming in via Personio ( for example: on LinkedIn, I can see 48 applications for job X and in Personio, I only see 30 applications for job X)?  Could it be because not everyone who clicks on the Apply button on LinkedIn completes the application form on Personio Career Page? 


Thanks so much for sharing your experiences in this regard!!!!

Bests, Diana


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2 replies

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Hey @LegoMD 

Yes this is a well known question from our customers about why there is a difference and it has to do with what LinkedIn counts as an application. 

When you click on the Apply button on LinkedIn, this immediately counts as an application received even if the candidate does not follow through to completion. Therefore if I were to click on this button but then immediately exit out of the window, this still counts unfortunately and it is to do with the way LinkedIn have set this up. This explains why you may be seeing a higher number of applications on LinkedIn than are actually coming into your Personio account. 

Therefore the applications you are receiving in Personio are from the candidates who have successfully completed the form right to the end. I hope this clears up the confusion 😃

If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.

Best regards, 


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Thank you so much, dear Conor for the answer 

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