"Offer" doesn't appear as the final stage in data export

  • 13 May 2024
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We’re trying to get a better understanding of our offer acceptance/rejections and unfortunately in the csv export it doesn’t show “offer” as a final stage, only the last stage a candidate was in before making an offer. Is there anyway to get the data on candidates who have reached the offer stage in the process? 


1 reply

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Hi @Lauraj,

As “Final status” you will be able to see “Accepted” if the employee accepted the offer.

If you add the filter “Final stage” it will show you “Offer” if this was the final stage:

You do have also the option to select as filter “Offer” this filter will show you the date when the offer was sent to the candidate.

Recruiting > Applications > Export > Data Columns > Offer:

Here you will find more information regarding: Export application data.



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