Personio postings jobs to LinkedIn as 'On-site' when we are fully Remote

  • 22 December 2022
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Hi All,

Hoping that both people from @Personio Admin and anyone using the Recruiting module can help us solve this.

In the highly-competitive tech sector consultants, engineers and developers are choosing ‘remote’ or ‘hybrid’ roles - all our roles are ‘Remote’ but Personio is passing the roles and posting them as ‘On-site’ in LinkedIn and we can’t seem to change it.

I tried to leave the City and ZipCode (PostCode) blank but it simply wouldn’t allow me to post the job to Personio careers page or anywhere else. When it did get posted it is showings as “Remote: UK+IE” which is what we’ve called the ‘office’ for the purposes of satisfying the *mandatory field requirements.

All this means that I might be better off creating the job post manually into LinkedIn - given that it’s the largest site from which we would recruit from and we’re liking to several people in 2023 it causes me great concern that this isn’t working as expected….


Can any of your help me please….
@Daniele / @SalC / @marielle.van.wieringen / @Selma / @Vanessa Charly / @Irene Ng. / @HRtichoke / @HR Manager 

6 replies

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to show that a position is available for remote work, you need to create an Office that is called Remote. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Organization > Offices.
  2. In the New offices field, insert Remote.
  3. Then click Plus plus-icon.png. The metadata of the position will then show the location as Remote.
  4. In the field City, insert Remote.
    Multi-posting and Frame contract postings can use the Postcode '00000'. Job boards later review posts and manually set them as remote.

    Note: ​​​For Auto-postings we recommend to add ‘Remote’ into the title of the position. 

    Hopefully this information helps you 🙂


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@Maria Langer 


Thank you for the reply.

So I did the above you’ve recommended before making the post.

The only thing I didn’t do was add a ‘City’ or ‘Postcode’ as Remote has neither but I did create an office location called 

Remote: UK+IE for the purpose of advertising roles.

Could you look into and check - based on your guidance I followed the steps.

Do it have to have City and Postcode inserted as described to work?

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thanks for your feedback!

Multi-posting and Frame contract postings use City and Postcode for locating the position in the right way. So as I mentioned it is necessary to fill this information in.

For Remote positions, where no City or Postcode is available, we recommend to use “Remote” for City and “00000” for Postcode

Auto-posting uses the title to locate the position in the right way, so we recommend to add “Remote” into the title of the position. 

I hope these further information helps you out!


Maria 🌻 


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Thanks Maria.

Can I leave the Country field blank?

As it is a remote role it is available across Europe, not defined to any country.

Ideally there would be a Region field instead where we could select “EU” or “EEA” so that anyone with citizenship knows they can apply and it’s not country restricted.

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for LinkedIn you have to fill out the field “Country”, this job board doesn´t promote positions on a regional basis. 

The way the location is displayed depends on the corresponding job board. Due to that reason, we can´t offer a field “Region” in Personio unfortunately.

Thank you for bringing up that topic in our community!

Have a great weekend 🤗

Maria 🌻


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Thanks @Maria Langer 

Even though for LinkedIn we have to use ‘Country’ could we have ‘Region’ as we use the Personio Career page site as well.

We actually get more applications through the Personio page and so having Region would be really helpful for us as we hire Remote only which means all EU countries with the freedom of movement could apply - so we really don’t want to have it advertised as country.



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