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  • 23 December 2022
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 @Marc @Daniele 

Please could you look into this or similar asap please.
I’m having issues that the job post (despite using the same font and size throughout) is showing up inconsistently on the Personio careers page.

I keep going back and doubling checking the original and it is fine.



4 replies

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it seems like you have copied and pasted the text from somewhere and some format settings were in the background. Did you paste it as it was?

It might be that in the edit mode the text field can transform it but as soon as you publish the posting it looks differently. I always recommend to paste only the values, so that any formatting in the background won’t be in the text. When working with pasted values, it should look fine and the same in every view. :) 

In case this didn’t help, please reach out to support, so they can take a look at the individual position description in your account. 


PS: I will move your topic as an alone standing question, as this is something different and not connected to the idea regarding the CI

Hi there,

Having the same issue over and over again. As this is one of the main Personio use-cases, it would be good to simplify the process of copy-pasting or maybe even importing the job descriptions from the files. Obviously the initial JD is done in Word/Google Docs.etc and it is horrible to spend so much time on making it look nice on the website.




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so - it seems a while now - typically I always paste using ‘Values only’ as I’m conscious of what you have described exactly.


However, I then completely rewrote it and dupicated using Personio functionaltiy to duplicate the role…


To support @Svetlana as the main shared document between HR and HM is is MS or Google etc. then it would be good to have the formatting accurately represented in both the edit mode of Personio and the Published version.


I also noted that what I created in Edit mode of Personio was not then reflected in Published mode…

This seems to be wider than simply a copy/paste from a word/doc application issue…
Sorry I’ve not had more time to test it myself - but it’s good(bad) to know it’s not just me.

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Dear @Svetlana and @JHBEM ,

I can understand why simplifying the process of copy-pasting the information of job descriptions would facilitate your recruiting tasks. In the case of Svetlana’s comment, I would appreciate if you would post this suggestion of improvement within our ideation area, since comments for questions are not being forwarded to our product team 😊. 

If you need some inspiration, we have published a guide on how to best share your ideas here:

→ How to: Submit an idea or suggest a new feature

Make sure to add the link to the idea to this thread, so that other users that find this question can vote for it.

James, if I understand you correctly, you are having issues with the edit vs. the published description of your positions. If this is correct, I would recommend relying on our support team, as my colleague Lena mentioned. This way, my colleagues can check in your account if this is an expected behavior of the software, or if there is something you can set up differently in your account to solve this matter. 

Let me know if I can clarify anything else!

I wish you both a great start in to the week.



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