Recording Referral Bonuses in Personio

  • 17 November 2021
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Hi Community!


We have made the switch to a different Recruiting System (Team Tailor) and this is integrated with Personio. We’re looking to record our Referrals in the Personio system, this would be tied to the referrers profile and reference the referral person (new joiner). I haven’t been able to find any past discussions on this topic so I was wondering if anyone else has covered this or has ideas on how to do this, please?

Thank you in advance :) 


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9 replies

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Hello @Lucy McNeill

Thank you very much for you question. Currently there is not a specific functionality to tie two employees profile together as referrals. 

As an alternative solution, I can recommend to create a new attribute in the employees profiles (e.g.: Referred by:) and leave it as a general type of attribute so that then you can type the name of the employee who has referred them. You can see more information on how to create new attributes in our Help Center article. 

I would also encourage you to share your request in our dedicated Ideation Area for the wishes and ideas of our customers. Over there you can:

  • Read previously submitted ideas from other users and discuss them with the community.

  • Upvote and add more input to ideas you agree with.

  • Share your own ideas or requests about our tool. 

We will review all your ideas, comment on them, and forward them to our Product Development team who might include them in our planning for the further development of Personio.


You can also find here a short tutorial on how you submit an idea and which information is necessary so that our product experts and the community have all the information they need.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. 


Best regards, 

Thank you!

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@Maria Laura Arauco / @Lucy McNeill 

I am looking at being able to add ‘Referral’ field so that someone could simply type in the employee they are referring to.

COuld we add this on the Personio system end.


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Dear @JHBEM,

You can add an attribute in your application form, for example “Referral contact” so that the candidates share with you the employee they are referring to. To do so, follow the steps of the following help center article:

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if there is anything else I can support you with.




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Thanks @Andrea 

See that now - much appreciated.

Can we delete/remove/hide some of the system attributes?
They aren’t very proper for the UK…

We aren’t supposed to ask ask, gender or expected salary as these are linked to conscious and unconscious bias.

Also change ‘Available from’ to ‘Notice Period’
They won’t know exactly when they are available from as that is determined based on when an offer/contract is signed.

What a candidate will know is if they have a 1, 2 or 3 month notice period.

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Should I be able to change the order in this screen?
I can grab an ‘attribute’ pick it up but it won’t let me change the order….


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  1. You can hide the attributes in the career page settings in Recruiting > Career page > Application form settings. In this area, you can select which attributes should be shown in the application form and which not:
  1. In the Attributes section, if you click on the attributes you are able to edit their names, delete them, etc. only some of them are system attributes and cannot be changed such as gender or application date. For these, I would recommend removing them from the application form as explained on the step before and adding new ones. 
  2. You are not able to reorder the attributes in the area you sent on your screenshot. Here, there is only the sections system attributes (they exist by default in your account) or custom attributes (created and customized by you). On the career page settings, you are able to order attributes as you’d like, no matter if they are system or custom attributes.

Let me know if there are any further questions :).



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Thanks @Andrea 

Yes I was able to work through from your previous guidance and playing around.

So - I’ve used the process you have described and seems to work.

I basically created a new field (you call attribute) and then made it a displayed field on the page.

Thanks again - have a great weekend.

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Happy to read you found a solution @JHBEM 🙌🏽.

Have a great weekend as well.

Greetings from freezing Munich ❄️,


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