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  • 25 January 2023
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Hi there,


does anyone else miss the position categories in recruiting?  Previously, I had all of my jobs sorted per department so it was easy for me to navigate directly to the position I wanted and I could close the categories so my view wasn’t overloaded.  Now I see all open positions and need to scroll sown a list to find the position.  I am NOT a fan of this, PLEASE bring back the categories. 

Am I missing something? If so please let me know.

I had an interview with Personio a while back relating to trainings and also requested that the trainings we have in the system can be categorised (mandatory, SW, Tools, Leadership etc. etc.).  I have not seen any movement there and it is a while back now. An update on the training module progress would also be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks - enjoy your day! 😊





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Hi @Linda,

In my test account I still see the filter for category and also now new filters for the Positions. Does it also look like this in your account?


Recruiting > Positions

Thanks in advance for your response!



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