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  • 23 March 2022
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We are also busy with the recruitment section. 

It is important to us that candidates answer pre-qualifying questions and we have set this up as attributes within the Candidate Profile section under settings. 

However when it pulls through to online site the form fields are in a CAPS LOCK format and I do not know how to change this?

Also are we able to change the background colour or create blocks to make the questions and answer box, clearer?


Solved by Marc 25 March 2022, 13:51

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Hi @ShonaS,

all headers in the application form are formatted in capital letters. 
I see that you want to change that, especially if you are asking for longer questions. 

It is not possible to change the headers in this case. In regard to the color, you dove have some possibilities with Customer CSS on the career page. 

What you can do is to share your suggestions with the Community here in the Ideation area, so your idea will get visible for our Product-Team.

You can find all details on how to create an idea in the following post:

Best wishes


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