What accesses does my profile needs to create Evaluations?

  • 8 July 2024
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I need to know which kind of access my Personio account need to have in order to be able to create Sections in the Evaluation in Recruiting.

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Hi @sdemip,

In order to create new Evaluations in the Recruiting module of Personio, you require the necessary Access right. Access rights in Recruiting are assigned under Recruiting roles. Roles can be assigned for an entire job or for individual candidate profiles. You will require the Edit right for Evaluations. An account admin can grant you this access by going to Settings > Recruiting > Roles, selecting the role you are part of, enabling Edit Assigned under Evaluations > Save changes.

 For further information, please see this Help Center article: Recruiting role access rights

Thanks for your query and let me know should you have further questions. 😀



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