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Hi everyone, 


I was wondering if that is a way we can export the calendar view absences from Personio directly to an excel document?

I can export a version of the absences from payroll but it could help us to have the calendar view as we have it in Personio exported to excel. 

Can anyone help me with it?


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Hello @mariapalaghia !

I hope this message finds you well.

It is not currently possible to export the view of the absence calendar into an excel sheet. As you said, you can export the absence days in a different way:

  • Like the example you have given, you can do so in the Payroll area in Personio.
  • In the Reports, you can also have an export of all the Absence Days in a given period. That will not give you a breakdown of the days, but simply the total number of days per month. 
  • In Reports>Custom Reports, you can also create a report for all absence types and choose the data you want to export (balance, days scheduled or taken, the period...). We have an article on them and also best practices if that is something that can be useful to you. It can be exported in an excel format, but can also be shared as a link.

This will not give you the view that the absence calendar offers with all the different colours and visual helps, but perhaps it can give you more possibilities. You can perhaps combine different reports to get closer to the result you want.  Screenshots are currently the only way to capture the whole view of the absence calendar.

I invite you to give a feedback in our Ideation section and share your insights! I am sure this would be useful for a lot of Personio users!

Please let me know if we can do anything else.

Kindest regards,


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Hi @mariapalaghia,

Just checking in: were you able to solve your matter with one of the options proposed by @CécileM? 😊
Let us know!

Remember: you can suggest a new feature in our Ideation Area, so other community members can vote for it and our Product Team will check if it can be implemented. Here is how to submit an idea:


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Hi @CécileM 

I found this conversation and would like to ask an additional question. In this part:

Is it possible to have an option, say “Next 12 months” or “Next 6 months”? If we would like to use the report for staffing purposes, we would need to have it. An example is winter vacations (usually February/March) and they need to be coordinated in the previous year. But none of the time frames above would give the visibility for the upcoming year, even if we would be in December.

Also, I noticed this:

I understand the idea of having “active during chosen timeframe”, but at the same time, we might have a signed employee who will start in 9 months but we cannot communicate about him/her yet. So actually, we would like to have a third option “Active at the time when report is generated” or similar to exclude the Onboarding employees.

Then again, I do agree with @mariapalaghia that it would be important to have the Export to Excel -button in the Absence Timeline.


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