Hiring Speed: Time to hire vs. time to fill

  • 16 February 2022
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Dear Personio team, 


I had a deeper look into the “Hiring Speed” report and I found the time to hire calculation a bit confusing. In the definition it says: “Average time from application date to the hire date (date of candidate acceptance).”


I have three more questions on this

  • Are you tracking the acceptance by the date where the application is moved from offer to acceptance or by the date where an actual employee profile is created for a new hire?
  • I was wondering why the Job Opening / Job Position is not considered compared to the date of application: when I look at the time to hire I want to know how long it really takes to get a hire for a certain position/opening. Are there any plans to extend the metric to also account for a potential time lag between “need for a new hire arises” and “right application comes in”?
  • Especially in Germany we have a standard notice period of 3 months, therefore we are also aiming to track the time to fill (meaning the duration from application to actual start date of the employe). Are there any plans to add this?

Additionally, I encountered a weird behaviour: when setting different time frames the grouping of results seems to be off: 

Actual result is: When I set the filters to this year (2022), I find that no values are available, although I know that we have at least 3 candidates that have accepted since 2022-01-01. Is it possible that you group the results by the date of application?

Expected result: I would expect that the time to hire is grouped by the date of acceptance, because what I want to know is: how long did it take us on average to hire the exact three candidates until know.




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Hi @FrederikeE,

thank you for sharing your questions on the Hiring Speed report.

I answer your questions in the same order you asked them.

Calculation of the two KPIs:

  • Time to offer is calculated based on the application receipt date and the date on which the candidate is moved into the Offer system phase
  • Time to hire is calculated based on the application receipt date and the date on which the candidate is moved into the Accepted system phase

You can find some more details on that in the Helpcenter article Hiring Speed System Report.

For the second and third bullet points, I would encourage you to share those as an idea in the Ideation area of the Community. For now, I do not have any information that this is currently planned.

In regard to the filter setting your suspected behavior is correct, the filter considers the application date and not the start date of the employees.
This is intended behavior. For sure, you can share your suggestions here as well with the Community, to find out, what others think about this logic.

If there are open questions, I am here to help.

Have a great day!

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@FriederikeThies Tagging you, because Marc’s reply was directed at you.

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@Marc thanks for the clarification. For now I would rather not create another idea as I have created already some and would rather see those to be developed rather sooner than later :sweat_smile:

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Hi @FriederikeThies,

I can relate to your thoughts! 

But you can feel free creating ideas in the Ideation area. Your previous ideas will still be considered!

Best wishes

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