How to count average age within the company?

  • 10 January 2022
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I couldn’t find a report that would support us in calculating different numbers when it comes to the age of people. E.g. we would like to know the average age of people. How do I get this information out of Personio? Thank you.



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Good morning @Edda van der Ende,

You can visualize this information through our custom reports.
Just create a point in time report and add the “age” attribute in a column.



Once your custom report is created, you will see all your employees and their age at a glance.

Now, export the report as an xlsx file and open it with excel (or your preferred spreadsheet software) to calculate the average.

Calculating the average with a spreadsheet is very quick and easy - I will briefly explain it here, just in case anybody else is reading this and needs a quick how-to:

There are two options:

  • When you select all the numbers in the age column, it will display the average value in the bottom right.
  • Otherwise you can use the =AVERAGE formula.


If you want to learn more about Custom Reports, you can find some useful examples in the Help Center Article: Best Practice: Custom Reports


I hope this helps!

Have a lovely day,

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