Not able to pull children informations through custom report

  • 22 April 2024
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I need to get an extraction from Personio with all the children data per employee (number of children, name, gender, date of birth etc) but I can’t find it ion the reports column and moreover the “children” column is false as employees don’t have the right number of children in the report even if correctly reported in Personio. Is there a solution to get all of this data ? Thank you. 


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Hi @JulesR,

You can utilize the Employee list to generate a report containing data on your employee’s children. Firstly, employees must ensure that the data has been updated in the Children attribute, located in the Personal info section of their profiles. For each child they can enter their full name, gender and date of birth. 👶

To pull the data, go to Employees > Employee list. Click the three dots (...) on the top right and Edit list columns. Click Add columns and select Children and Save. You can then export the data to Excel by clicking the three dots (...) and Export list.

Additionally, you can create a Custom report and include the Children attribute. This will only show the number of children that each employee has. To do this, go to Reports > Create report. Choose Point in time and add the Children attribute in Table columns

Thanks for your post and let me know if I can help further. 😀



Hello, for payroll management, we need information on children to be available via the API. How can we manage this? We already made this request 1 year ago and still no solution...

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