Onboarding employees in custom reports

  • 10 June 2021
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Good morning all!

I’m having an issue with the custom reports. We use a custom report to show the FTEs per cost center once a month (and any changes compared to the prior month). However, I just noticed the following issue:

If the employee status filter is set to “active on chosen day”, employees that are currently in the onboarding phase will not show up on the reports until their status is set to active.

This sounds logical on the surface, but if you pull a custom report for e.g. the end of December, employees that are currently (June) in onboarding will not show up even though by then they’ve been out of onboarding for a while.

How about you set the employee status filter to “all” and add a custom filter to put “Status not equal to Inactive”?

Good question and would be a good workaround, except by changing it to “all”, the report no longer looks at the employee’s status on the chosen day, it takes all employee’s statuses as of today in determining which employees to show on the report. This means that employees leaving per the end of June still show up on reports set on a date well into the future.

Why don’t you use the standard FTE report instead?

Because it doesn’t allow us to group based on cost center because it does not show up in the list of attributes.

I’m not sure if there’s another way in which we can do it or if for this to work there needs to be a fix to Personio (in which case I can post to Ideation if necessary) which gives us the option to have active + onboarding employees on the chosen day.

Many thanks in advance!



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Hi @Willem,
Thank you for explaining your issue so well.

I understand what you mean, and I would have thought of the same solutions that you mentioned. 
Unfortunately I cannot think of any other workaround right now - maybe someone in the community has got another creative solution?

In the meantime, you can definitely create a new topic and submit your suggestion as an idea.
Don’t forget to upvote it 😊


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Thank you Daniele! I’ll need to do so.


FYI, in case anyone is interested, I found a workaround:

  • Set employee filter to “All”, filter out inactives
  • For offboarding employees, change FTE value (or working hours, if you’re using the one generated by Personio - we have a separate custom attribute as well) to 0 as of the first working day after they are gone (e.g. for those leaving end of June, schedule FTE change to 0 as per 1 July)

Note that this report captures all employees that are not inactive, in other words all employees that are onboarding (even if they’ll only join around Christmas) already show up on the report. However, typically most of their data (including FTE) is scheduled to be valid as of their first working day, so it’s only departing employees where you need an additional step to make sure that they don’t appear when they shouldn’t.

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Amazing! Thank you for sharing your workaround with the community :)

I’m adding a link to your idea, in case anybody would like to vote or reply to it:



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