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  • 1 November 2022
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I have three questions related to pull reports from Personio.

  1. Source - can we do a custom source and then download a report? For example, add a headhunting company as a source and later download a report and see how many candidates were hired and sourced from these headhunters?
  2. Offer Acceptance – we would like to pull a report on how many accept and decline our offer, is this possible?
  3. Hiring speed- can we see how fast candidates move from phase to phase and not only from application to acceptance? For example, we would like to have to possibility to compare departments and how fast they are with reviewing candidates etc.

Thank you!




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Hi @linndal 👋🏼,

Thank you for your post! I am sorry that I am just answering to all of your questions, we normally answer within 24 hours, but last week we had some delays as you can see. My apologies for this!

  1. Sources in Personio can be saved s channels. You can save a new channel, such as a headhunting company, under Settings > Recruiting > Channels and assign them to your candidates. Afterwards, you can use the system report Channels to analyze which candidates came from the headhunting company. Please visit our help center for more gudance on these topics:
  1. To see how many candidates accept and decline your offer, you can use the System report Application Funnel. This report shows the Recruiting Phases which your candidates undergo during your recruiting process. Within it, you can also see how many candidates declined your job offer.
  2. There is a system report called hiring process in which you can obtain an overview of how quickly you are moving applications through your hiring process. You can filter this report by position and category:
Reports > System reports

I hope I was able to answer your questions with this information. Don’t hesitate on sharing any further question you might have. 



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