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  • 17 March 2023
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We would like to generate reports for our supervisors where they can have a simple and clear overview of everyones’ effective working hours. 

Unfortunately, whenever I try and create the reports, it seems that the absences are not correctly deducted from the effective target working hours. 

I'm not sure if the picture below is clearly visible, but a number of things are unclear to me, 

The picture illustrates the month of February, Where working fulltime results in 160 working hours

  1. When looking at the FTE and the contractual target working hours, You can see that for ‘Maja’ it still says 160 working hours contractual, eventhough she is only 0,9 FT. (Sanne has started midway during February so ignore her)
  2. ‘Lysanne’ has 24 hours of absence, which is correctly processed in the effective target working hours, However, she is the only employee where this seems to effect the Effective target working hours. 

It would really help us out if someone might be able to help me get the data processed correctly, so we can have a useful report. 



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3 replies

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Hello @Ruben Choco,

I am happy to support you with your questions :).

  1. The contractual target working hours are a reflection of your employee’s work schedule. If Maja’s Work schedule reflects 160 hours, then this will be the target hours shown in the report. These hours must be adapted either in the Settings > Work schedules, or in Maja’s profile under Attendance. This depends on how her work schedule was set up.
  2. For the target hours to be reduced due to an absence, the settings of the absence type must be Yes in Consider time tracked during absences as overtime? (Settings > Absences > Absence Type > Validity settings). You can read more details about this functionality here

Let me know if this information helped you solve this inquiry, or if you need any further clarification.



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@Andrea Thank you very much!

I have applied some changes according to your explanation and now it seems to show us the information we want to see!




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Hi @Ruben Choco , I’m Christoph, I’m the PM for Analytics and Reporting in Personio. Great to see that the issue was successfully resolved for you.

Nonetheless, would you be interested in participating in a discovery interview around this topic and reporting in general?

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.
All the best,

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