Companies in Sweden using Personio (and more specifically the Payroll function)?

  • 12 April 2022
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Hi all! 
I would love to get in touch with Companies in Sweden who use Personio. We can’t use the Payroll Function in Personio since Payroll systems in Sweden doesn’t support Excel-files that you can get from Personio (only PAXml)...

Are there any companies here who use the Payroll Function in Personio In Sweden? And if you can’t use the Payroll function, what do you use Personio for?

2 replies

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Hi @erika.hultbrant,

nice to see you asking the Communtiy!

Is there someone of our Swedish userbase who can support, @Martin, @Ingi, @Johanna, @jessicahellquist or @Maria_H?

Looking forward to your answer if you can share some insights!

Best wishes and a nice weekend, everyone.

Hi there,

We are a company of about 100 coworkers, mainly based in Sweden. We do not use the payroll functionality but use Personio as our operational HR system: GDPR secure storage and maintenance of employee data, digital employee files, HR reporting, administration of recruitment applications, on- and offboarding checklists, absence planning (vacation requests) and shared view of absences, employee directory incl photos and org chart, change reports on employee data sent to payroll provider (ex. changes in position, cost center, bank account information etc).  

Happy to share more as/if needed! 



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