Disjoin view of Bonus vs Fixed Salary

  • 16 January 2023
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I would like to know if there is a best practice for the following: 1) Reports: when we create a report with salary concepts, we cannot disjoin salary vs bonus and 2) Role permissions: separate salary from bonus.

What I mean, is that bonus is some kind of information of highest confidenciality level. 

For instance, the Administration staff can access fixed salary concepts, but not to individual bonus

4 replies

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Hey @Boris ITG 

Welcome to the Personio Community 😃

If you are in the Administrator role, you will have exclusive access to all of Personio. Therefore in your case an Administrator will be able to see both the Salaries & Bonuses of every employee. We always recommend that you do not nominate a large number of employees to be Administrators for a Personio account. 

As access to Custom Reports, allows employees to pull reports on all employee data within Personio, we would need to use a workaround to help with this.

If you would like to limit the attributes employees can view within Custom Reports, then you would first need to remove them as Administrator. You would then take away the Custom Report access right within the employee role they are.

After this, instead of the employee creating the Custom Report themselves, you would create the report for them with the limited attributes, you would want them to view. After you have created the report, you can then Share this via the Sharing Options Window. The employee can view and export the report, however they cannot edit it. 

If your employee is requiring multiple reports, then this may be a bit of work for you as the Administrator. However this ensures that certain employees can only view certain attributes within the report. 

I will be happy to guide you further if you have any further questions on this or require further information 😁



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Dear @Boris ITG,

I hope the answer above was helpful for you! If this was the case, please mark the post as Best Answer. If there is any other detail you need from us, please let us know. We will be happy to support you further 😊.

I wish you a lovely day 🌸.



Hi @Andrea thanks for the reminder. I am not sure that I really wrote the right question. I meant if someone (for instance Operations Officer) could have vision of fixed salary in employee profile, but not Bonus view. 

However, I understand the answer about reports.


Thank you!



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Hey @Boris ITG,

Unfortunately there is no way to limit the view of the Bonus attribute, while showing the Fixed Salary. The Salary data access right accounts for both of these, therefore we cannot separate them currently. 

However, you can enter this feedback into our Ideation Area for consideration by our Product Team on future improvements to Personio.

If I can help you with anything else, please let me know 😀



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