Do any of you use Silae as a Payroll tool? If so, how do you make it work smoothly with Personio?

  • 9 March 2022
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Hello Personio community!

We use an external accounting firm to manage our payroll and they use Silae on their part (leader payroll tool in France). Currently, they ask us to export data every month from Personio, clean it to keep only the data requiring an update in Silae. 

Exports are done manually from our part, and updates are done manually in Silae on their part. Source of error, loss of valuable time and in the end not scalable process.

  • Do any of you work with Silae for payroll management?
  • Is there any kind of API or integration allowing for updates moving from Personio to Silae seamlessly without human intervention?

Thank you :pray:

2 replies

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Hi @agathe_martinot,

interesting question!

Looking forward to the experience of other French community users on this topic.

Can someone of you help here @Thibaut from Swile and @heloisem?

Best wishes

We are a French company looking for HR software, and having SILAE integration would make your software a good option for us. We don’t want to get into manual processes. Also, speaking of @Thibaut from Swile , a Swile integration would be helpful too! 

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