Hourly tracked absences not shown in payroll export (e.g. Doctor visit)

  • 9 September 2022
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Hi, why is it that hourly tracked absences are not shown in the payroll exports?

This is quite an issue as we need them to show up just like any other true absence.


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3 replies

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Dear @ffxbauer,

Hourly absences are not yet available in the payroll export, since this is a new functionality for which the product team is enabling further features for. If you like, you can post this suggestion for improvement in our ideation area, so that we communicate with you any news there can be about this feature. On the moment, the payroll export for hourly absences is not on our roadmap. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the feature will never be implemented. 

Thank you in advance for sharing this feedback with us! 

I wish you a lovely day.



This feels a bit like a half-baked feature then. What's the point of the absence if it doesn't show up in the payroll? Especially since you're also suggesting the option of tracking even vacations in hours on your hourly absences help page:

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Hi @ffxbauer,

I understand it might be confusing that hourly absences don’t have all functionalities available, as daily absences do. As mentioned, the product team is working on developing further functionalities for this feature. We have enabled it nevertheless, since our customers can still profit from it by being able to request, register and approve the absences. Further, it is possible to subtract the information about the balance of hourly absencein custom reports. 

If you like, you can share a suggestion for improvement in our ideation area as you have done so far with any functionality you are missing. This way, we can inform you directly if there is any update regarding the implementation of the feature. 

Thank you for all your feedback, Felix, we really appreciate it!

I wish you a lovely afternoon.



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