How can I efficiently give employees a salary increase?

  • 29 September 2022
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Tips & tricks are welcome to give a group of employees a salary increase of a certain percentage (%) or amount of money (€€€).


They way I do it now is not really efficient:

  • download an overview of employees and their current salaries from Personio. These are fulltime salaries.
  • add a column to calculate their new salary
  • copy all the data into the import template Salary from Personio
  • change all the salaries to the actual salary based on the working hours per week.
  • import the document into Personio
  • manually create a document with the salary increase template for every employee




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4 replies

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Dear @marielle.van.wieringen,

Thank you for sharing this post with us.

I will be happy to share any tip and trick about this procedure. First, I would like to fully understand your process. 

  • I would like to understand the need of step number 4: change all the salaries to the actual salary based on the working hours per week. 
  • In the last step: do you use the functionality for document templates to announce the increase for all your employees?

Thank you very much in advance for clarifying these questions! 



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Hi Andrea,


Thanks for your response.


  • In order to import the new salaries into Personio you will need to fill the Template for Salaries. In this document you should give in the salary of an employee based on their actual hours. If you export the salaries of employees from Personio, to use them for the calculation of the extra 3%, you will get the fulltime salaries. So there is always a lot of calcution involved from actual 100% salaries to salaries based on the number of hours.
  • I use the document template to inform an employee indeed. But you have to do it one-by-one for each employee, right?

Kind regards, Marielle

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Dear @marielle.van.wieringen,

Ok, now I understand much better. Thank you very much for explaining further! 

  • For the first point, I would recommend using the export of the preliminary payroll, instead of a custom report, since the salary in this export would be the effective salary and not the full-time salary. 
  • For the second point, there is unfortunately no workaround. To create a document from a template, you need to go to each profile and create the document manually.

The good news for both topics is that we have improvements planned here 🤩! Next year we will release salary components for custom reports which will include the effective salaries of your employees. Further, we will enable a functionality to create documents in bulk, avoiding the manual work you have to undertake on the moment.

To receive a notification when these features are released, please make sure to vote for the following ideas:

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions about these topics!

I wish you a lovely weekend.



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Hi @marielle.van.wieringen 

Thanks for sharing your input around this topic.

I'm Julia and I work as a User Experience Researcher at Personio. I'm focusing on how we can improve our payroll solution and therefore working closely with our product & design teams to build the best product for our customers.

Currently I am looking for HR managers responsible for payroll to give me some input about their payroll process and the challenges. In case you're interested, feel free to check out the post below and reach out to me. We would highly appreciate your input!


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