How do you record on-costs to establish total cost of employee to the business?

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As the question states, I’m trying to record on-costs for employees, so I can get a snapshot of an employee’s total cost to the business. 

This is currently a feature Personio doesn’t have. How are you handling the recording of on-costs in your companies?

We are trying to forecast with the entire details in my company, but need to account for on-costs as well and since they can vary based on which health provider you have for eg, we are unable to just take the current Personio Salary report and add a fixed percentage across the board. 


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Hi @Sebastienatfliit,

Welcome to the Community and Thank You for reaching out! :)

To make sure that everybody understands correctly, could you briefly tell us what exactly you mean with on-costs?

Are you referring to on-costs such as pension/health contributions and payroll tax that would not be reflected in the gross wage? (i.e. an additional percentage which varies by employee)
Or additional costs (including one-offs & extra expenditures) for employees in general?

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Hi Daniele, 

The main goal would be to be able to track additional percentages which vary by employee (with the potential for those additions to be broken down by category, but that second part isn’t essential). The ability to include extra expenditures and one-offs would be good but not as important as the first part. 

Thanks for clarifying. 

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Hi @Sebastienatfliit ,

I see what you mean now :)
As you already stated correctly, Personio currently does not offer that feature, as the payroll section is currently only meant for calculating the gross wage.

I suppose that your accountant or tax consultants could help you calculate the cost of each employee through the exported spreadsheet of your payroll data.
Anyway, now I am also curious to know how others do it!

Is there anyone in the community who can help Sebastien by sharing some info on how you record the on-costs of your employees or how you establish the total cost of employee to the business?



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