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  • 7 September 2021
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Dear Community,


In Austria, 14 monthly salaries are the standard method of compensation. Since the salary table only consists of 12 months (January - December), the salaries for the 13th and 14th month have to be entered as a one-time compensation in the month they are to be paid out to the employees. 


How have you handled the 13th and 14th salaries? And if you have done it as described above, how do you like this solution?


Looking forward to hearing your input.


Warmest greetings from Dublin! :shamrock:



4 replies

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Hello @Sonnenblume, @curious, @VWP, @Sebastian M, @frwck,

I am tagging you because you’re the community members who are based in Austria. 🇦🇹

Our team would love to know if you managed to find a solution for the above situation. 
Feel free to share your input with the community, and just respond here if you have any questions about it :)

All the best,

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Hi Laura,


We simply add the 13th and 14th salary as vacation and christmas allowance manually.




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Hi there,

Some companies do it as @Sonnenblume has suggested with a one time compensation.
You can enter it manually, or also import the one-time payment.

There are also some companies that enter the 13th and 14th salaries as a recurring compensation.
When deciding for one solution (one-time vs recurring), it mostly depends on how certain it is that it will be paid out every year and how often the amount is changing over time. :)

I hope this helps!


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Hello @Sonnenblume and @Lena


Thank you both for your comments. As @Lena said, the solution will always depend on the capacity of the company and the specific situation. But we truly appreciate your different inputs! So keep them coming :grin:


Have a wonderful weekend!


Best regards from Madrid, 


Maria Laura

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