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  • 26 September 2022
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How do l change the currency symbol in the salary?

How do l add “day rate” not monthly or hourly?




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3 replies

I just wanted to ask the same question; I need to do the mass upload for salaries and I have different currencies to upload...


the answer l got back was that you can only use 1 currency and there is no day rate available just month and year.

hope this helps


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Dear @StormTower

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  1. How do l change the currency symbol in the salary? 

Currencies in Personio depend on the Office assigned to your employees. If you need to change the currency in some employee profiles, you can create an Office under Settings > Organization > Offices and select the corresponding currency. To see more details about this setting, please visit our help center: Configuring offices@Mirjam Settly: When you import your employees’ salaries, there is no need to upload a currency (see example from the screenshot). Personio will automatically assign the currency of your employees’ office.


Please be aware that currencies can only be changed definitely. This means, that employees will have the currency of the assigned office for the past as well. It is not possible to change a currency from a certain date on. 

  1. How do l add “day rate” not monthly or hourly?

On the moment, it is not possible to add a daily salary in your employees’ profile. Another user has posted this functionality as a suggestion for improvement in our ideation area:


In the post, some other users have described the workarounds they configure for this topic. Make sure to take a look and to vote for the idea to be informed in case we develop this feature!

Please let me know if you need any further support from my side 😊.

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