🤖 Revolutionising Talent Discovery: The AI in Hiring Processes

  • 6 December 2023
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🤖 Revolutionising Talent Discovery: The AI in Hiring Processes
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Hey Community! 👋


Let's talk about AI in hiring! 🚀 It's not just news that AI is becoming a useful tool for every HR professional.

It's our secret weapon in finding exceptional talent. Imagine having an assistant that scouts, analyses, and unveils hidden gems in record time. That's AI for us!

With this tech advantage , you're not just scanning resumes; you're finding the perfect cultural fit. It's about streamlined candidate screening, fair play, and diversity championing – all while predicting future success.

But here's the thing: AI isn't here to take over. It's our trusty sidekick, complementing our expertise. It's about combining tech efficiency with our human touch, creating a harmonious balance in our hiring journey.


🤖 So, community, let's dive into this AI-driven revolution together! What's your experience with AI in hiring? Share your thoughts and let's spark a conversation.




Together, we're rewriting the rules of talent discovery! Let's embrace AI and shape the future of hiring.

Ready to join the revolution?


Linda and the Voyage Community team

4 replies

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I am still quite new to leveraging AI within hiring but have heard some amazing ways colleagues have used it! Whether it is creating new job specs, creative outreach messages or helping build evaluations. It is something I want to embrace more in 2024 and would be keen to hear how others are using it!

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Hi @Suzanne.h  Absolutely! :D Embracing AI in hiring is an exciting journey, and it's fantastic that you're eager to explore its potential further in 2024. It's indeed remarkable to see how AI is transforming various aspects of the hiring process, from refining job specifications to crafting innovative outreach messages and even aiding in evaluation methods.

Collaborating and learning from each other's experiences is key to unlocking the true potential of AI in HR. I'd love to hear more about your journey and insights as you delve deeper into leveraging AI, @JHBEM , @Skeku 😊

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I like the sound of how you have seen / heard it used @Suzanne.h 

As a counterpoint I’ve seen it used poorly in doing filtering where it is purely hunting for certain key words. However, in a world where we are looking for more than a tickbox exercise to recruitment we need to certain use AI more like you’ve seen it @Suzanne.h and less how I’ve seen it used badly.

For example one of latest hires would have been filtered out by such AI due to missing some elements that typically an AI would have deemed essential - yet having done a human screening I was able to put them through to the next stage.

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@JHBEM your take on AI in recruitment is super interesting!😃 It's like a balancing act, right?

I've seen AI sometimes being a bit too strict with the checkboxes. But your story about your latest hire? That's the human touch we need! It's about finding that sweet spot where AI helps without limiting our options. Your insights are really shaping how we see AI in hiring. Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience! :)





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