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  • 23 March 2021
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Community Rules
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Welcome to our Personio Community!


This is the platform where you can interact with our staff and other HR professionals that use Personio. You are welcome to exchange information, ask support questions, provide feedback and stay up-to-date on all the latest news around Personio.

We expect everybody to engage politely and respectfully with each other. Therefore, we would like to share our community rules with you right away, so we can ensure that this platform remains a confidential, vibrant,  and inspiring place for everyone involved.


#1 Who is networking here?

Registration as part of the community is only intended for our customers' HR managers, recruiters, HR officers, etc. This is so we can further the professional exchange about HR issues and everything to do with Personio.


#2 Be kind!

We use a friendly, casual tone within our community and make sure we always stay polite.


#3 Don’t blame!

Feel free to share your personal opinion and your experiences with other members and with us. At the same time, make sure that you respect different opinions and stay open to other people's views and perspectives. We're happy to accept constructive criticism. Just make sure it stays comprehensible and to the point, and never strays into abusive territory.


#4 Data privacy first!

This community is public. While only members are able to post, share and comment on contributions, etc., everybody is able to read the information shared with the community.

Therefore, please be careful not to disclose any personal or confidential information about your company. If specific data is necessary for a support request, then this should only be exchanged in private messages with the moderators, or passed on via the official support channel.


#5 Don’t offend anyone!

Political, sexist and racist contributions/statements/links, insults and abusive criticism are not allowed. This also applies to profile images and images generally. Unlawful posts, invitations to commit offenses and any glorification of violent acts are not allowed and will be reported.

Links to other pages may be shared. However, any links to pages that violate our community rules will be removed.


#6 No product placements!

Contributions intended to impair the market opportunities of certain products or suppliers, whether by putting down or pushing certain manufacturers or products, are not permitted - especially if posts are primarily for advertising purposes and don't actually address the given topic.


#7 Be yourself!

The publication of individual or private messages of other members and/or employees of Personio without their consent, or of contributions that violate other people's copyright, is not permitted. Therefore, please always consider possible copyright issues when sharing videos, images or posts. Any text shared in your name must have been either written by you or approved for public distribution.


#8 Keep your eyes open!

If you notice any posts that violate our community rules or if you receive inappropriate messages, please let us know. For posts, you can do this directly from the post in question. Just click on the three dots at the bottom right of the post and then on "Report." We will investigate every complaint and take action where appropriate.


#9 Trust our gatekeepers!

Our moderators ensure that the exchange within our community runs smoothly. They'll share content with you and other members and intervene as necessary. They are also authorized to move posts to sub-forums or delete them if necessary.

Our moderators are active from 9:00 AM to 6:00PM (CET) on Mondays to Thursdays and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CET) on Fridays 


While we hope that it will not be necessary, we reserve the right to delete content that violates our community rules, and also to remove members from the community who violate our above rules in particularly severe cases.

Thank you for your understanding and for complying with our community rules.


Have fun sharing in our Personio Community!

The Personio Community Team

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