Absence Days for part time employees

  • 23 February 2023
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is it possible to see absence days of part time employees in the calendar?
i.e. Someone working Mon-Thursday is always greyed out on Fridays?




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4 replies

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Hello @bruchm,

On the moment, it is not possible to show recurring absence days that are only registered on working schedules. Another user has already shared this suggestion for improvement in our ideation area:

Feel free to vote for the idea!

I wish you a lovely weekend.



Hello there, is it true that if we need to register one day off per week for a part -time employee, we need to do it one by one?

Please help me.

Thanks, Thalita 

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Hi @Thalita

no, don’t worry. If you want to have an absence displayed on the work free day, set the absence type up accordingly, and then it is probably the easiest way to import the absence periods. (The free days in that case.)

I personally also have a teammate in part-time, and we do not enter it with an absence in Personio, as the one-day off is already excluded in the work schedule. We in the close team are working with a shared Google calendar, so that it is being shown above our normal and individual calendar. We use this also for the attendance of our Working Students and our leave. (It is not so convenient in the sense that the Google calendar needs to be well maintained, but for our daily work and planning it is very easy as we can see easily, who is there and who not and don’t have to go down on the daily level, I can see it well when looking at the whole week.)


Thanks @Lena I will try it ;)

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