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  • 8 March 2024
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Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is possible to see when exactly an employee entered the absence in the calendar (approval is not relevant here)? Is it possible to potentially extract a report with this data?





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2 replies

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Hi @help_needed and @Skeku,

I’m afraid we currently don’t have a report to get this data. What you can try is to get some data from the Export of Company Data. In regards to Absences data, you can get the following overview of Absence requests:

  1. Identify the event you want to investigate:
    • Company Calendar > Choose Absence request > Extract EventID from URL
  2. Go to approval_requests table and filter in column item_id for the ID identified in Step 1 to identify all related requests steps for this absence requests.
  3. Additional information:
    • Item_owner_id shows the ID of the person who requested the absence.
    • Approver_id shows the ID of the person who either confirmed, rejected or has to process the requests.
    • Chain_position shows the specific step in the approval request.
    • Status shows at which stage the request is.
    • Updated_at shows when the status has changed.

Please be aware that, all data is anonymised, so you have to use the Employee IDs to find which person approved or the employee who took the days. Employee IDs can easily be found in the URL when visiting the Employee profile, as shown here:

I hope this helps you to find the information you need! Please let me know if you have further questions! 😃

I wish you a lovely evening! 🙌🏼



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