Employees ability to self-certify first 7 days of sickness absence UK

  • 19 March 2024
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Good morning, I’m new to this community, this is my first post.  I’m trying to work out if it is possible to have a workflow whereby employees are required to enter the details of their symptoms and reason for absence (self-certify) for their first 7 days of sickness absence for our UK employees only?  At the moment the onus is on the Line Manager to enter the absence on the system, which is fine, but some are more disciplined than others at entering the reason for the absence.  Which if absence becomes an issue then leaves a big gap in terms of us understanding any ongoing patterns or issues if this detail has not been included. 


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Hey @JoW50 

Welcome to the Personio Community, we are thrilled to see you here 🎊 🥳. I am happy to support you with your inquiry.

By using our new Custom Workflow option, you can set it up that the employee receives a notification on the details they must provide. For example, you could set up a workflow that is based on an absence that is more than 6 days whereby the requesting employee receives a task reminding them to enter their symptoms and reason for absence. 

So use the an absence is created as your trigger and create the rules similar to the one used below:



After this select the task, notification or email option to remind the employee ( Absent person ) of their duty to provide these details:



Once this workflow has been activated, every time an employee requests this absence for over a certain amount of days, they will receive a notification/task/email to remind them that they must enter this information. You can play around with this to match what you need here, but to help you on this here is our guide on how to Create workflows.

Please let me know if you run into any difficulties with this.

Best regards, 



Thanks for your reply.  Can I just check when you enter 6 days, is it 6 calendar days or 6 working days?

Kind Regards



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