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  • 6 March 2024
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Hi Community,

we are wondering whether there is a solution to display public holidays as absence in Outlook? 

Our employees are distributed across different regions in Germany and Europe, so being able to see whether someone is off due to a public holiday would make collaboration a lot easier. 

Thank you!



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Hi @Veronika,

​​​​​​Unfortunately public holidays will not be transferred with the calendar integration. Instead what you can do is pull an iCal link which allows you to pull data about the public holidays from the Personio Absence Calendar. You can then transfer them into your personal calendar for tracking purposes.
To do this, please follow the guide attached below:

Only one URL link for each calendar can be created at once. The public holiday calendar available to export will depend on the Office that the employee profile is assigned to (Each Office has a public holiday calendar assigned).
If you want to export all the public holiday calendar, you will need to log in as a random employee assigned to one Office and export the public holiday calendar. Repeat this action as many times as Offices/ public holiday calendars there are.

I’ve looked for similar ideas in our ideation area , but couldn’t find one yet.

case another user has shared this suggestion for improvement you can always vote for it.

You can always post a new idea here:

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Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us!

I wish you an amazing day.



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