Does anyone use tags/keywords for describing employees responsibilities?

  • 22 October 2021
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Hello Community,


As we are a growing company we get new employees and new skills to our company all the time. We have noticed that people find it hard to understand who are the right people with certain matters. We all know that titles don’t tell all your responsibilities and that it would be helpful to find these people in the company who have certain skills or responsibilities. 

We have noticed that it would be great to search for employees using a tag or key word, that describes their responsibilities. We were having a look at how could this be done in Personio and we could add an attribute to Public information where there could be the responsibilities described but the search doesn’t work correctly. So if you don’t know the persons name but would like to search with a tag or keyword it might help us now and in the future. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on this matter? 


Thank you! 




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Hi @Katriina,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

To give you more context: the global search function can look up people’s attributes such as names (of employees and candidates), their positions, employee roles, departments, and email addresses. Furthermore, you can use the search to quickly jump to Personio functions and settings. You can find more instructions in this Help Center Article.

Unfortunately, the global search feature cannot search for other attributes, for example keywords contained somewhere in their public profile, as you suggested. That is actually a very interesting use case and it is a great idea! I can see how this could be useful. 

Unfortunately I don’t know any workarounds on how to get that information easily displayed, but I will ask internally and will get back to you.

In the meantime, I am very curious to hear from other Community members: how does your organization deal with this need?

Have a lovely weekend!


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Hi @Katriina,

thank you for your patience. 

@Daniele and I have thought about this suggestion and currently there is no direct way of searching for specific key words in Personio.

There is a workaround for your employees to find out more about the skills & responsibilities in your company.
As you suggested above, you can add a custom attribute in the Public Information Section, or create a new section entirely and give the employees edit rights so they can change the attribute freely. They can then write a short description about their work in that attribute.

Afterwards, this information can be made available through an excel export.

You can choose to share that export as an excel file, or, if you work with Google Docs, to keep a sheet which you can update on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) as new employees join the company. Then your employees will be able to navigate the sheet and search (Cmd+F or Ctrl+F) for particular keywords.
You can even choose to link that choose in the Personio Company Shortcuts so the employees have it directly on their Dashboard. 

I hope this helps and shows what options we currently have.

If you still would like to suggest an expansion or improvement of the global search feature, I recommend to write an idea on how you imagine to be able to use this functionality, so your feebdack will directly reach our Product Team. Could it also be in an integration or included in the performance area? We are looking forward to your suggestion. Please find here an explanation how to write an idea. 

Best Regards,

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Hello @Lena and @Daniele,


Thank you so much for taking the time and explaining this in detail and also brainstorming a solution. We now decided to add this as an extra attribute to our Public information, just under the title so people can see it quickly and then made an export out of it and added that as an shortcut to the dashboard so when people need to search for right key words they can then use the excel sheet. 


Thank you! 


Kind regards,


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