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  • 4 November 2021
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As admin role most information available in Personio is available to see when I am using my account. 
How can I check what other roles have visible in their Personio page and what they see for example in other employees personal info pages? 

It would be important to understand what basic employee roles (and managers and other roles) have visible in Personio in order to support them and to ensure that not too much information is visible to colleagues.

Using “log in as this employee” doesn’t seem right way to do it as we don’t have test/ dummy user profiles in our system. It seems that we are unable to create dummy users without them influencing our licence employee amount, which would be a nice feature to have as the test user profiles could be used to internally show Personio features without risking sharing personal information of any actual employees. 



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Hi @Trapezium,

as administrator, you are able to log in to Personio as any employee to verify the access rights you have configured for them. It is only possible to login as an employee not as a role. I therefore suggest to always login as an employee who has the role “all employees” and the additional one that you have configured to check the access rights.

For a detailed explanation on the different access rights, please have a look at this documentation from our helpcenter.

If you wish to have the power to check the access rights of a specific employee role, please write an idea in the ideation area. Here you find a quick how-to.

In general, if you would like to have test users you can add them as external employees. And depending what you want to test, you can also add them and set their status to inactive, then they do not count into your Personio Package.

Does my answer help you? Please let me know if I can help out here. :)

Kind Regards,

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Thanks for your reply, good to know that the inactive can be used for long-term test user so that it does not count in the licence usage.  

Regarding viewing and editing rights, I’m also wondering if its possible to add custom settings under a role, so that the viewing rights for example of a role manager (that has all managers under it) would entitle the specific manager only to see their own team members information and not all other managers team members as well?

So far I only found that the custom filters influence only the viewed persons attributes and not the viewers attributes. 

Is the workaround to have a own role for each and every manager if every employees personal information wants to be shared to all managers that they do not report to? 

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Hi @Trapezium,

glad that I could help you already a little. :) 

Regarding the access rights, I hope I understood it 100%, but I think what you want to do is possible.
Yes, you can set a custom filter for the employee role “Supervisor” to for example Team equals Own, then the supervisors can only see/edit the data from the employees who have entered the same information as they have in their profile. 
If for example the direct colleagues of the “Supervisors” have entered another team then they do not see this information from each other. 

​When working with this logic, please make sure to have the regarding Attributes in place. You can bulk edit them via the employee list. 

If the viewed person, so the employees in the team should have a different access right this would need to be defined via another role that they are in. 

I hope I understood the situation 100%, please tag me if you have a concrete example and want to go through the settings. :) 



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