New in Personio: People Workflow Automation

  • 11 October 2021
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New in Personio: People Workflow Automation
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Dear Community, 
Today is a really big day for Personio! 

We can finally share with you a big project that our teams have been working on for the last few months: People Workflow Automation

In his keynote speech, our CEO Hanno explains exactly what this is and what it means for you:


So “what’s the big deal?”, you may ask.

Imagine a new employee is starting at your company. One the day of his start, this person is automatically granted access to all the necessary tools and accounts, without having to contact your IT department or you having to take care of these accesses individually in advance.

This is the long-term vision of what you can achieve with People Workflow Automation.

People Workflow Automation enables you to automate people processes across your entire organisation. It connects your tools and teams and eliminates hours of work and delays for everyone involved. 


What else can Personio do now? 

  • In the Workflow Hub and the Workflow Dashboard widget you can quickly access different workflows currently implemented within Personio, such as on-/offboarding, signatures, and approvals. 
  • You can automate your Identity and Access Management with the integrations Okta or Azure AD. 
  • If your company uses Slack or MS Teams, you can now integrate these with Personio to automate absence requests and approvals. Your employees will be able to request and approve absences directly via Slack or MS Teams.



Want to learn more about People Workflow Automation?


We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
All the best,
Your Community Team

2 replies


Wow. Fantastic! really looking forward to getting more details of this function!

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Hi @zhenwang23, welcome to the Personio Community!

I’m glad you find this as exciting as we do. As soon as there are new functionalities, we will of course keep you informed in the Product Updates section of the Community.

To get a more in-depth look into People Workflow Automation, I recommend signing up for our live User Group Meeting that takes place next week:


In case you can make it, I hope to see you there!
If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the community. 😊

All the best,

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