Accesibility for public profiles, attributes, and Microsoft Teams integration

  • 14 December 2023
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Hello Lauren,

Can you tell me more about how you make the public profile more accessible for employees to view each others public profiles? Also, I had no idea you could fill in hobbies. Is hobbies still an attribute that can be added?

Additionally, do you by chance know if there’s a Microsoft Teams integration? I’d love to set up a similar automation of leadership people being automatically added into a Teams channel.


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2 replies

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Hi @bbuxrude 👋🏼,

I have created a new post from your comment on this thread. Other community users, or our support team will assist you shortly.

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Hi @bbuxrude,

We have the option to give all employees access to the Public profiles of other employees. You can do this by going to Settings > Employee Roles > Employee Role: All employees > Access rights > Personal data > Public profile: 

Regarding your question on hobbies, you can create a new Attribute with this name and if you wish you can make it part of the Section “Public profile” so all other employees will be able to see the hobbies of other employees.

To create a new Attribute please follow the next steps:

Go to Settings > Employee information > Public profile > Add attribute.


Here you will find more information regarding: Create custom sections and attributes.
We have Microsoft Teams integration, in this article you will find more information. 




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