Create and advertise 'fully' remote positions on Personio (and other) jobs board

  • 8 December 2022
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This follows on from a pre-existing Question which has been answered (Link)


Currently the company is open to full remote positions country base, however we found really hard to setup the job description as “Spain”, “Netherlands”, for the limitations of the job postiong/promoting, any idea how to solve this? Our carrer page is misleading the potential candidates



Best answer by@Marc 

you can use a workaround with the offices in Personio here.

Lots of our customer create offices that are called “Remote”, “Remote - Spain” and so on. With this, your candidates can easily filter for remote positions as well as you in the Personio Recruiting.

If you don’t want to leave the office as remote after accepting, you can easily change it in the employee profile.


I would like to remove the company default currency (highlighted in green) as the currency is not reflective of a truly remote position - as it could be in any currency.

I would like to select ‘Remote’ as a Country (highlighted in yellow) from the picklist so that the job advert on Personio say ‘Remote’ and not as you can see in the second image ‘United Kingdom’

With reference to Public Holidays, like currency, I would like to be able to select ‘Remote’ or ‘None’ so that it is not allocated to company default.


4 replies

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Hi @JHBEM 👋🏼,

External job boards ask for information such as currency and country in order to be able to post job offers in their platforms. This is why it is not possible lo leave this information empty when adding an Office. Other users add in the title of their positions, that the published position is remote, so that candidates are aware of this aspect. For Public holidays, you can add a new Public holiday calendar with no holidays and link it to your remote Offices. You can see a guidance for this step in the following help center article:

Please let me know if this information was helpful for you, or if there is any other question I can support you with.

I wish you a lovely day 🌻.



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Dear @Andrea 


sadly - although I appreciate the response it doesn’t actually answer the question.

I have asked that in the picklist for currency and country ‘Remote’ is created and selectable.


Having ‘Remote’ in the job title is one thing - but that is being contradicted by the country stating a single country ‘United Kingdom’ when we mean Global or multi-country.

The need to select a country is limiting the scope of the post to lead people to believe that they most be located in that specific country - which given the need for Visas now for many foreign nationals is harming applications.

Also as we wish to publish salaries as we move to adopt greater transparency, equity, fairness and best practice then the currency field should be ‘None’ or N/A rather than being required to revert to the Default.


I believe there is a real need to better understand the challenges now faced in the UK - in part due to leaving the EU single market and free movement of people / the resulting need for visas and the challenge to attract and recruit talent in skilled professions of which talent is in short-supply and high-demand (Tech and Science sectors in particular)


Bringing to your attention

@SalC @Dorota 

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Dear @JHBEM,

Thanks for your comment.

On the moment, it is not possible to select or add the option “Remote” for either currency or country. The answer I shared with you is the configuration available at the moment to solve this topic.

If you would like to share a suggestion for improvement for a better management of remote positions, feel free to share a post in our ideation area.  In that part of the community, users share features or improvements that they would find useful. Our product team then analyzes these ideas and prioritizes their implementation, depending on several aspects. 

Let me know if you have any further question.

Have a great start in to the week!



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Sharing James’ idea in this thread, in case other users want to vote for it 😊:



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