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  • 23 November 2022
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Dear HR Community!

My name is Ela and I am about to start recruitment project in the Netherlands, therefore I thought I would ask for some insights from the local market experts on that topic . 
The information that I am looking for is:
A. What actually attracts candidates currently on the job market? - here I am asking about any additional benefits (healthcare, sports card etc.)- is there anything else that is worth considering to make the job offer more attractive?
B. Most popular job boards for medtech industry in the Netherlands

I am opened to hear any information regarding best practices regarding recruitment in the Netherlands. 
Thank you very much in advance for any information :)
Best regards, 

Ela Vigué

7 replies

Hey Elizabeth!


In regard to your questions:

  1. Pension, insurance, transportation card, training/personal development budget.
  2. Not so sure as I don’t work specifically in the Medtech field, however can give you more insights on other platforms that I use for all tech roles that work well if you’re interested.

I think it is also important to offer sponsorship to HSM as the Netherlands is a very attractive country around the world and lots of qualified candidates are willing to relocate.




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Dear Paula, 

Thank you very much for your quick reply.  I would like to hear more regarding the platforms that you use for tech roles. The job I will be recruiting for will be in Breda. 

Thank you in advance. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 




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Tagging @marielle.van.wieringen or @Wendy, since they also might have some insights for this topic 😊.

Thank you very much for supporting your peers!

Greetings from Munich,


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Hi Ela!

I agree with Paula and could only add the next things:

  1. Flexibility: having the option to work from home.
    Vacation days: by law you have a minimum of 20 vacation days in the Netherlands. But it is more often to offer 25 or 26 vacation days. In some companies you also have the possibility to buy more vacation days. At our company we have unlimited vacation days.
  2. Also my company is not in the MedTechsector. I would advise to search vacancy websites, like Indeed to form a better idea on different jobs in the MedTech sector. 

Good luck!

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Dear Wendy!

Thank you very much for your reply. I have one more question, as you have written: “ In some companies you also have the possibility to buy more vacation days. At our company we have unlimited vacation days.”:

  1. What does it mean to buy more vacation days? 
  2. Unlimited vacation - you mean unpaid leave? 

Thank again for sharing. 

Kind regards, 

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Hi Ela,

  1. In some companies you have a personal budget (as Paula had described as a development budget). They can use this personal budget for different reasons. In some companies you can also use this budget to buy more vacation days. We at WisMon don't use these kind of budgets. 
  2. No, I mean litteraly unlimited vacation days. Big companies as Google also have this policy. Check out their policy to get a better idea. 

Are you perhaps Dutch speaking? Then I explain the policies better. If not, then I hope someone else could help you. 


Kind regards,


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B. Most popular job boards for medtech industry in the Netherlands?

Also tagging @Med1do, I can imagine that they know something about the medtech industry 😊
Maybe you can share the names of some job boards?


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