👋 Lounge Area | Meet the Community & Introduce Yourself 🤝

  • 26 August 2021
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👋 Lounge Area | Meet the Community & Introduce Yourself 🤝

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Dearest community,  

it's about time that I finally introduce myself! I've been part of the Personio team for over 3 months now 🤯. Since then, I've been supporting @Laura & @Hanna with all our customer events and having a lot of fun with it. 

I'm Larissa, a real northern light from Lübeck, actually used to having the Baltic Sea "right" at my doorstep. I swapped the Baltic Sea for the mountains about 5 years ago and couldn't have picked a better place with my choice of home, Munich. And Personio as an employer was also a lucky choice! 

Being able to offer you an additional value with our customer events makes me happy. Because when planning, organizing and developing our customer events, you are the focus for @Laura W@Hanna Be  & me. We try to find topics that catch your interest, are of help to you and makes you curious. Have you ever been to one of our Onsite User Group Meetings? The Onsite User Group Meeting in Amsterdam was one of my first Personio event experiences, it was so cool! I would be really delighted to meet one of you at the next Onsite Event.  I've also assisted with our digital formats like the PPU & the Online UGM. Currently, Laura and I are deep into planning the kick-off for our Customer Advisory Board 2022/2023 which will take place in our Munich office 🤩.

I'm here in the community to get to know you a bit, to hear what motivates you, and to announce an event or two. 

Finally, something funny & something personal of me ... to accompany me in my everyday life is quite entertaining for others, because I unfortunately have an innate tendency to clumsiness 🥴. And something personal ... my biggest food vice, I love fries🍟💛.

See you soon Larissa 

PS. In the meantime, if you have any questions about our events always feel free to contact us :)

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Hi everyone,

my name is Melissa, I am 23 years old and originally from the Ingolstadt region. I'm currently in the final stages of my bachelor's degree in "International Management" and I'm happy to be able to approach this milestone together with Personio as a working student! 🤩

I started about a month ago and am the newest baby of Personio's community team, so to speak. As a working student, I support the entire community team consisting of @Lena @Selina @Daniele @Marc and @Andrea. 💪

To help you get to know me a little better, here are some fun facts about me:

  • Because of my studies I actually spent the last year abroad: Barcelona and Paris.
  • My family owns three (yeah right) Great Danes - so I will definitely never get bored. 🤠
  • My latest passion is buying decks of cards with prints by different artists. 😁 My collection already includes a Mona Lisa, Picasso and Cézanne card deck.

I look forward to interacting with you guys! Warm regards and have a wonderful rest of the week,

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Hi Folks,

My name is Nathanael (my friends call me Teddy - hence the username) I’m from the UK, just south of Reading. I’ve been working in HR for 18years and the last 11years as an HR Transformation Consultant for IBM, Avis Budget Group and more recently as an independent contractor. My work always involves People, Processes & Technology - how to set up each of those 3 for a successful HR function! Personio really got my interest the first time I saw it, and I recently attended one of the HUG sessions...really exciting and interesting session (and developments in the latest release from what I saw). I guess my passion in HR is how to make it better and also being curious about how everything in HR fits together.

My favrourite feature that I have seen so far is the way that HR themselves can make changes to the system, including workflows - I think this is super important to allow HR to take some control and meet the business needs as soon as they need to.

Why did I join - to find out more about Personio. I’m curious to know if anyone has implemented Personio alongside another HCM (e.g smaller countries on Personio, larger countries on another HCM system).


Fun fact? I’m 43 and still play Rugby… and I once hitch hiked half the length of Chile in my youth!

See you around :)

Nathanael / Teddy

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Hi everyone!

My name is Elizabeth and I am working for a medtech company in Poland.
We are working on innovations in healthcare and especially on non-invasive diagnostic methods. 
The project itself is quite exciting and brings many recruitment and sourcing challenges. 
My recruitment projects are mostly connected with IT area, biomedical engineering but also roles supporting business development (administration, marketing, finance, HR). 

I am happy to join the HR Community :)

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Hi Personio Community!

I am Terhi I work in People Operations in Enfuce Financial Services LTd based in Finland. Enfuce is a Fintech startup with 140 employees (for now). We also have entities in Sweden, UK and Latvia and more to come 🙂 I joined Enfuce in Feb 2022 and am working now with implementing Personio. I am in charge of all People tools in Enfuce.

It has been an interesting start of the implementation period and it would be great to connect here also with possible other users in Nordic countries. Sharing information and finding answers of different country specific settings in Personio for example UK employees would be great as we don´t have a People personnel there. 

Looking forward to be part of this community! 

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Hi All,

I’m specifically looking to connect with other SMEs (<250 total) across all elements of HR People & Culture where there are operations in UK + IE

  • Where are you (or your company) based?
    • I am based in UK, company HQ is in IE
  • What's your role in the team?
    • I am the stand-alone HR People & Culture function
  • Which HR topics particularly interest you?
    • I work across the entire People Lifecycle (Attraction to Alumni) and EVP so there are no areas that I’m not interested in - previously I focused on Employee Experience/Engagement before taking on the role for all HR / People
  • What do you mostly use Personio for?
    • as our HRIS and ATS tool (although I’ve never used it until 3 weeks ago)
  • What’s your favorite feature in our software?
    • I don’t know yet
  • Why did you join the Personio Community?
    •  To learn from others, discussion topics and share my expertise from working in a global organisation, specifically focussed on Employee Exp. & Eng.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I live in one of the flattest parts of the UK yet love to go skiing.

​​​​​​​I would really appreciate if the Personio Team and any Community Members would reach out and connect with me - either on this platform (if that feature exists) or via LinkedIn

If there is a UK HR group setup and also an IRE one (I couldn’t see one - being able to join that as well).

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It’s great to have you join us. I loved your introduction - this is exactly what our community is for 🙌
We look forward to open the grounds for discussions about e.g. on Employee Experience & Engagement as you mentioned, those are super interesting topics.
Is there a particularly useful learning that you’d like to share with us?

I would really appreciate if the Personio Team and any Community Members would reach out and connect with me - either on this platform (if that feature exists) or via LinkedIn

Yes! you can send a Direct Message to anybody on the Community by hovering over their profile and clicking on the “✉️➕” symbol (+Letter). Below is a screenshot of how it looks.


I am aiming to make the Community experience even more useful for our members. Let’s talk, so we can meet and I can better understand your needs. Would you be interested for a 20 minute coffee chat this/next week? :) If that's the case, you can choose a timeslot here on my Calendly.



I’m specifically looking to connect with other SMEs (<250 total) across all elements of HR People & Culture where there are operations in UK + IE

Off the top of my head, here are a few recently active members who could be a match:
@SalC @janscomb @Pamela Sawers @UKeir @icovacel @Altman Solon @NoelleMcDaid 

Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch!


P.S.: ​​​​​​@JHBEM where do you like to go skiing? 

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@teddyb - Hi Teddy,

I’ve just moved from AVEVA - so again big global.
I’m now learning Personio - be interested to connect on those changes and system challenges etc.



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@teddyb - Hi Teddy,

I’ve just moved from AVEVA - so again big global.
I’m now learning Personio - be interested to connect on those changes and system challenges etc.



@JHBEM Connect request with you on LinkedIn…speak soon. P.s I lived in Cambridgeshire for most of my teens and 20s! Small world :)

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Hoping to put a UKI community together - it’s Personio’s second biggest market and there’s a lot in the system that needs adding/amending to make it truly UK fit for purpose… IMO.
That might be in part having been used to large enterprise systems.


@teddyb - Hi Teddy,

I’ve just moved from AVEVA - so again big global.
I’m now learning Personio - be interested to connect on those changes and system challenges etc.



@JHBEM Connect request with you on LinkedIn…speak soon. P.s I lived in Cambridgeshire for most of my teens and 20s! Small world :)


Dear Personio community,

Thank you for letting me in :)

Well, introducing myself.

  • Where are you (or your company) based?
    • I am based in India, and the company HQ is in Hamburg, Germany. We have a branch office in India.
  • What's your role in the team?
    • I lead the Software and IT department of the company.
  • Which HR topics particularly interest you?
    • Making detailed HR policies.
  • What do you mostly use Personio for?
    • Managing absences, for my team.
  • What’s your favorite feature in our software?
    • Notifications are always spot-on.
  • Why did you join the Personio Community?
    • I have a few ways, which I want to get done in Personio, but I couldn’t find answers to them. We have been using Personio for many years, and seen it grow, and so I am excited to join the community.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
    • I love doing wordplay comedy. Many times, in a day, I make up jokes based on words and languages.

Good to be among you. I hope my contributions will help Personio become even better.

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My name is Megan Walker and I am Director of People at Marfeel based in Barcelona Spain. We are excited to join the Personio community

Hello everyone,

My name is Tom and I’m the HR Manager for St Petrocs – a non-profit working to end homelessness in Cornwall, UK ( 

I’m really pleased to be introducing Personio to the organisation, and trust that it will make managing the people processes for 60+ staff much easier for our HR department (me!)

Look forward to engaging with the wider Personio community – especially other SMEs in the UK. 

Take care,



Fun fact: I’m currently learning how to play Go – an ancient Chinese board game with more possible finished positions than there are atoms in the entire universe… 

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Good to meet you @Tom Beaumont 

We are looking at launching a UK group in addition to the whole Personio community.

meantime feel free to connect.


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Hi lovely People, 
It is a pleasure for me being part of this community 🤗

  • I am Milan based, but I am proudly come from the Sardinia 🏖️
  • I started a new journey as HR Manager in January at Mamacrowd - 30 people (equity crowdfunding company based in Milan).
  • It’s my first experience as HR Manager so I am interested on performance, culture & strategy.
  • I am implementing Personio for the first time, so let’s see if I have any curiosity in the future.
  • I joined the community because networking is crucial for me; this is the place where I can exchange experience, practise and where I can find suggestions & Advices. 

Fun fact: I collect pencils ehehheehehehheeh and I am super curios person!
Have a nice start of the week🚀

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Welcome @Valentina Mura 

I’m sure many of us are new in the role at our places of work.

Although based in UK - feel free to reach out.

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Hi all,

I work for a small, focused Cybersecurity company in Dublin, Ireland. My role currently straddles both Engineering and Operations. We use Personio for general HR work, Recruitment and Performance - the magic triangle. What I like about Personio is that the UX is reasonably clean when compared with your competitors and that you have the magic triangle reasonably covered, unlike most of the competition. I joined the Personio community to get help on various topics, to help others and, if Personio listen, help with product suggestions. A fun fact about myself is I’m as comfortable with spatula in the kitchen and power tool in the shed as I am keyboard for the past 2+ decades. Looking forward to collaborating with ye all.

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Welcome JMD - sounds like you’re very skilled with your hands and overall dexterity!

Hi everyone,

my name is Jamin and I’m working for OTL - Online Trainer GmbH (Online Trainer Lizenz) as an Executive Assistant. The company was founded approx. 8 years ago as a 100% remote company and it still is. As we are using Personio for quite a while I’m looking for ways to improve the functionality across our platforms. I love automation and that’s the main reason why I’m here.


My work incl. a lot of organisational stuff such as:

  • Implementation of Google Workspace for the whole Organisation
    • SSO across platforms
    • unified file management
    • shared calendars
    • status (in office / out of office) sync across platforms
    • real time collaboration in all of our files
  • Implementation of a Mobile Device Management for managing our Apple devices and creating a process where our Apple Devices are preconfigured OTA. So no Admin has to touch the laptop from order to delivery to the employee
  • Implementation of a Controlling tool based on Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio)


We are using Personio especially for managing all of our employee data. As you can imagine it’s quite challenging to manage several 100% remote teams in a 100% remote organisation across different countries and timezones. So I’m aiming to get the most out of Personio and I’m here to speak with you about new ideas and automation, API related topics & more.


Fun fact about me: My name is quite rare in Germany. So rare that I’ve never met anybody else with it. But that was not the funfact. The funfact is it comes from the Arabic language and means “right”. Yeah you’re right, it means right. But not like “Your are right” it’s more like “You have to drive right here) 😀

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@otljh - Welcome I am the Head of HR for a fully remote company.

My top thing is Employment Compliance and with remote workers then every country (even in EU) has slightly different laws and regulations so I’m happy to help with navigating that to de-risk your organisation from any non-compliance.

We are currently looking at the app-partners to Personio and checking their validity.

For example the law specifically doesn’t allow any satelittle workers in Spain - if they are contractors they must be fixed-term etc.


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Michelle! I am working from the Netherlands as a Recruitment Coördinator and I am responsible for hiring all new employees for Flexhub, a backoffice service supplier active in the temporary staffing industry. 

As I started this job officially in january of this year, the role is pretty new. Therefore one of my first actions was to integrate a suiting ATS, which is now Personio. This means I have only been using the platform for a short time now, so I imagine I will have a lot of questions along the way 😀 For now I will only be using the Recruitment part of Personio to help my streamline all the different channels that I use for promoting our jobs and receiving applications. 

As a solo-role within my company I am responsible for finding new employees myself by using different online and offline channels to promote our vacancies as well as reaching out to potential new employees on LinkedIn for example. But also I coordinate all the contacts with external suppliers and job-agencies who help us fill in the job-openings. Besides the recruitment part itself I also find it very interesting and fun to work on Employer Branding as wel as Personal Branding. This way I can combine recruitment and marketing, which to me is the perfect combination of work! 

Although we are still in the onboarding fase with Personio, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for the community, because I have some-what of a habbit of wanting to know it all, combined with a hint of control-issues 😅 Also I am very passionate about my job and even though I only work parttime (because I am also a very proud mom) I can't help myself to also be involved with Recruitment or Recruitmentmarketing matters on my days off 😏

Nice to meet you all and looking forward to talking to some of you in the future to learn more about the platform.

Have a good one!


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Welcome - jealous of the photo!

Hello everyone! 🤗

I'm Lina, 21 years old, and I'm brand new to the Personio Crew. As a working student, I've been supporting @Lena, @Selina, @Andrea, @Daniele, @Linda23, and @Melissa in the Community Team since the beginning of July. 🎉

I will start my Master's degree in Communication in Munich in October, after completing my Bachelor's degree five months ago. 😌

A few personal facts about me:

  • Currently, I live together with three cats. While they are all very affectionate, one of them is actually so people-oriented that you have to tuck him into bed every evening, or else he won't fall asleep and will scream until he gets the demanded affection. 🐈
  • In March and April, I spent a month in Mexico, and ever since then, I've been obsessed with tacos. 🌮

I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you better through your contributions, ideas, and discussions, and to connecting with each and every one of you. ✨

Don't be surprised if you see less of me live as a moderator - I'll be working mainly behind the scenes. My aim is to provide you, as community members, with exciting new updates and ideas (stay tuned! 🙌). Nonetheless, I'm thrilled to be part of this community and excited about the journey ahead with all of you. 🚀

Sending lots of love,


Hi everyone 👋

I’m Neeraja, Global Reward Lead at knoell, working on compensation and benefits strategy and implementation for a 600+ global German headquartered family run business. I am based out of London , UK .

I am really passionate about People and Culture topics particularly Reward and Fair pay and its impact on Diversity and Inclusion.

We really needed a system which is intuitive, simple to administer and use and has high flexibility to evolve as we are dealing with a lot of different needs due to our international teams.

Personio is helping us to automate many processes and I’m always interested in learning more about workflows and automation at all product modules.

I’m very excited to join Personio Community and enhance my learning curve and looking forward to get to know more of you!

Fun Fact : I like to obsessively follow things through and plan ahead in all little things in my life and every second of day as much as possible. Basically love rules and routines !


I’m Tim, a new Product Manager at Personio; what an amazing community. I’ll have more about me to share soon, but wanted to say how excited I am to be working with such amazing colleagues and customers!

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