Meet the Community & Introduce Yourself

  • 26 August 2021
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Meet the Community & Introduce Yourself
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Dear Community,

With this platform, we want to connect you with fellow HR Professionals that use Personio - with the final goal of expanding your know-how and making you better at your daily work.

The Community would love to get to know you a bit more, so here is a space for you to introduce yourself and meet the other members as they join 😊

So go ahead and tell us something about yourself in a comment!

You can write anything you want. If you need inspiration, here are some example questions you can pick from:

  • Where are you (or your company) based?
  • What's your role in the team?
  • Which HR topics particularly interest you? 
  • What do you mostly use Personio for?
  • What’s your favorite feature in our software?
  • Why did you join the Personio Community?
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


Your Community Team

8 replies

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To kick things off, I’ll go first:

Hi everyone, my name is Daniele! I am originally from Italy, but lived in several different countries and am now based in Germany, where Personio was founded.

As a Community Manager, my job is to help our members establish meaningful connections, and of course to help them out whenever they’re in need. What I love about my job is that we work closely with other departments, and the fact that this community is so international. 😊

My favorite HR topic is employee well-being, which is a key driver when it comes to talent retention.

Fun facts about me: I am a total nerd about geography and love learning foreign languages. And, surprise: I didn’t like Pizza until I was 9 years old. 🤯

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Hey I'm Jordan and I am your Chief People Officer here at Bluewave Group a company based in the UK&IE.  Although my company is in the UK and Ireland, I am based in France myself 

I studied at Ulster University in Human Resource Management with a Diploma in Professional Practice in addition to Associate CIPD Membership. Currently I am working through my CPD by completing my Master of Human Resource Management to be accredited my MCIPD.

In my free time when I'm not working, I am the Commissioner for People & Inclusion at Scouts NI and leader of a Scout Group. I am an avid watersports enthusiast and Kayak Instructor.

Something that most people don't know about me is that I am a real explorer, foodie and loving going to different places in the world to experience the variety and range of different cultures.

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Hi everyone,
I’m Aneta, from Czech Republic, but since couple of months I’ve been living nearby Berlin, Germany, where I moved from personal reasons. Previously I was living & studying in Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary :) The company I work for, DIZZBO, is based in Austria and Germany and I’m responsible there for all things HR.

Couple of months ago I’ve graduated my Master’s in Sociology and Adult Education with focus on HR, since then I’m trying to integrate into German working life and lately I’ve invested some time into learning the employment law and all other necessary regulation in both Austria and Germany. 

I like to explore and figure stuff out, to make system out of chaos and to try to understand everything. A tip to keep me occupied: Give me Ikea furniture/any other furniture to assemble and I’ll be a happy kid the whole Saturday.

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Hi all! My name is Willem, HR Project Manager for Basilea, a small biopharma company based in Basel, Switzerland.

As HR Project Manager I am - believe it or not - responsible for projects across our HR landscape. I manage our annual compensation and performance processes, including all the reporting to the Board and shareholders in all matters related to executive compensation. However, these processes tend to start around October and run until the AGM in the spring. In the period between those cycles I run projects in whichever area it is most needed - be it operational and finding ways that we can do our HR tasks quicker (think administration) or better (think employee experience initiatives), or strategic (implementing our new values, rethinking performance management and employee development process).

Because the projects I am on are so diverse, it’s also tricky to point out specific parts of HR that particularly interest me. It’s great to see the amount of attention that our discipline is getting from the world - big questions around “new ways of working” and ways in which we can make work a place where everyone has the ability to succeed, regardless of their backgrounds or characteristics.

I use Personio a lot, but primarily in finding ways to make life for my colleagues in more operational roles (payroll and recruiting) easier. My favorite feature is the onboarding checklist and as I have said endlessly to anyone who cares to listen, I think that the mechanisms of the checklists are brilliant and can be applied to so many more processes than just on- and offboarding. Hopefully that day will come soon!

My reasons for joining the community are twofold. Firstly, because Personio is such a big part of how we do things within the team, it only makes sense to want to be as close as possible to the company and be the first to hear about new developments and get the chance to shape those developments. Secondly, because it’s always nice to interact with my peers at other companies, but specifically the ones that decided to sign up to the Personio community. You all tend to come from smaller companies and face similar challenges and opportunities, and the fact that you are Personio customers show that you are actively seeking ways to - despite your size - maximize what your team is able to accomplish. And not just that, but Personio as a company tends to be quite young and fun, and that energy and enthusiasm is frequently found in the community as well. I’m sure that there’s a different community for HR professionals who lack that enthusiasm and fun factor (SuccessFactors maybe?), but I’m glad to be a part of this one :wink:

And a fun fact about myself to leave you with: before entering my “serious” career I took on a variety of odd jobs as a student, the oddest one probably being a cheese tester: they tend to pick younger people for this as their palate is more sensitive. My palate was not so sensitive I suppose, as I thought all the cheese I tried tasted great and I got a call the next morning to tell me I didn’t have to bother showing up for my second day on the job.

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Thank you for your interesting intros, @Jordan_McCullough @Aneta and @Willem 😊


Happy Monday everyone!

Let’s give a warm welcome to the new members that joined our Community in the past week, from all around the world: 🥁

@DavidQ@michaelsladden@Sibylle@Andrius.kilo@Elis Akin@Monument@Med1do@TomHealy@elisasophieprohn@Sophiaatwefox@Daniele@Attiya Mansoor@Jenny.Gaekel@elliewoodhams@jherignacio@Paco M., and @Liz!

It’s great to have you on board, along with other HR Professionals 😊 
The Community would love to know a bit more about you, so feel free to write a few lines and introduce yourself below 👇

If you need inspiration, here are some talking points you can pick from:

  • Where are you (or your company) based?
  • What's your role in the team?
  • Which HR topics particularly interest you? 
  • What do you mostly use Personio for?
  • What’s your favourite feature in our software?
  • Why did you join the Personio Community?
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself!


All the best,
Daniele from the Community Team

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Hello dear community,

My name is Oli. I am working in the HR department of Engel & Völkers Headquarters in Hamburg since 2013. Currently, I am the team leader of our strategy and project team, which has the main focus on digitalisation and the implementation of New Work. Personio plays a central role for us in the HR Core area. In particular, workflow management and automation are current focus topics for us, along with KPI control and BI.

From the community I hope for creative impulses for the implementation of challenging aspects as well as joint initiatives for the continuous improvement of the jointly used Personio system.

Briefly about me, or rather my vita: I was born and grew up in Kiel, on the Baltic Sea, where others go on holiday. After studies and internships in Berlin, Krakow, Cologne and Prague, I returned home to Northern Germany. Today I live with my wife and our cat Hugo right outside the gates of Lübeck. From 2005 to 2012 I worked for an international bank in various HR roles (HRM, PE/OE, HRIS, projects). After a several months' trip to South America, I found my current professional home at Engel & Völkers. Alongside this, I qualified as a coach.

Outside of work, I recharge my batteries by running and motorcycling as well as travelling the world. Fun fact: I love to eat french fries with vanilla milkshake after a marathon and don't understand why everybody else is so keen on a beer afterwards.

I look forward to discussing all HR and Personio topics.

Hi Community,
I’m Nina from Sensible 4, start-up (nearly a scale-up) company which provides autonomous driving software for all weather conditions. We are now little over 80 persons and big plans to grow. I’m the only HR person at the moment and I’m thrilled to soon have Personio helping me and our Team Leads to manage through HR routines and automate HR processes. We are now on implementation phase, just started, so I think I’ll be hanging around in the community and get to know these things better :)
If there is colleagues who think they could give me good pointers for the start, I appreciate those and networking is always an interest of mine.
Personio will be my favourite tool to upkeep personal data and manage working hours and absences. Of course other features like reminders etc are great.
Fun fact is that I have an identical twin sister and usually when this comes to daylight people react: I didn’t know you had a twin, and my response is that: I don’t know either about your siblings 🙂 but to be honest we have occasionally situations that my colleague has seen my sister and thinks why didn’t the person show any signs of recognizing me…

I look forward of getting to know you & the community & Personio.
Have a sunny autumn,


Hey Folks,

My name is Tom and I work on the People Experience team here at Teamwork. I was a generalist/partner but I have moved into a People Insights Specialist role focusing on reporting/dashboards, analytics and linking those to business outcomes. Personio will play a big role in us having the right data in the right time. The automation of workflows (onboarding in particular as we are growing quite quickly) should release substantial amounts of time back to the PeopleEx team.

I live in a great part of Ireland called Kerry. I originally studied business at undergrad and then moved into HR a few years ago and returned to college for my HR Masters. I always have had an interest in data and after my Masters, I began to study People Analytics. I went back to college to study data analytics. In my spare time I code (Python), I read (current affairs, HR, I/O Psy mostly) and chase the perfect espresso. I love to surf and I am lucky enough to never be too far from a beach.

Really interesting seeing everyone’s stories,

Have a good Monday




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